Illustration: Roman Alsina
Illustration: Roman Alsina

AM:PM Cassettes – Pilot

2 minutos / Magazine AM:PM

06.04.2020 / Podcast

We have been thinking about this podcast for months; looking for themes, guests, defining the format, the structure, and there was always a last-minute problem that made us postpone it.

But we decided that this confinement to which the COVID-19 forces us had to be used for something, so we stopped making excuses and launched into the ring with an artisanal episode, built from the remote office of our newsroom, which is our WhatsApp group.

Here you will hear sounds of saucepans, dogs and children (and a phenomenal intro courtesy of Yissy García); There will be domestic noises, but we all know that there is no better food than home.

We started with a conversation between several members of the Editorial Board of the magazine —Darsi Fernández, Diana Ferreiro, Rafa G. Escalona, Lorena Sánchez and Rafael Valdivia. A blow of audio messages we exchanged on the songs and albums that these days of confinement (and those that we have left) have brought to our ears, now that life has another rhythm.

As it is our pilot episode we will be more than happy to receive all the possible feedback. Tell us what you liked (and what you didn't), what topics and approaches you would like to find in this podcast; Any suggestion will be welcome. Welcome to Los Cassettes of AM: PM.

Magazine AM:PM · Los Casetes De AMPM – Piloto

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    Hola 🙂 Felicidades por su nuevo podcast. Lo he añadido al directorio de podcasts cubanos en:

    Estaremos distribuyendo sus episodios en la cuenta de Twitter de @PodcastsCubanos y también en nuestro canal de Telegram:


    Rafa G. Escalona


    gracias! próximamente estará disponible el segundo episodio.

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