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AM:PM Cassettes The AM:PM Cassettes. Illustration: Jennifer Ancízar. The AM:PM Cassettes. Illustration: Jennifer Ancízar.

The AM:PM Cassettes: The Return

After a long break we are back with our podcast dedicated to the Cuban music ecosystem. In this return episode we take a look back at what was the year 2023 for Cuban music, taking as a starting point for the conversation the lists that we dedicate to the songs, albums and moments of the music of the island. We also take the opportunity to launch with some of the bets we make for Cuban alternative music, which has so much movement since the end of the pandemic.

We invite you to listen to this conversation between members of our editorial team Anabel Lescaille, Diana Ferreiro, Daniel Rosete and Rafa G. Escalona (and we'd love to hear any opinions or comments you have about what they talk about here). With the promise of being much more consistent in this 2024, we leave you with our first episode of the new season of AM:PM Cassettes.

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