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Karaoke in Cuba?

A few weeks ago Magazine AM:PM premiered what is intended to become a regular meeting for music lovers and friends. In its Karaoke Night, the name under which more than a hundred people gathered at El Cimarrón, we immersed ourselves in this Japanese invention that conquered the world since the end of the last century. 

The experience that night -orgastic, collective, intense- left us with several questions. Why are there no leisure spaces in Cuba where we connect with those songs we love until they become part of our lives? What happens with Cuban music that is almost not available in this format on YouTube (to give an example of one of the platforms where we can find many audio tracks and their synchronized lyrics)? Is karaoke a niche phenomenon? Are all songs, in fact, possible karaoke songs?

To rehearse answers, Rafa G. Escalona - the host of Los Casetes...- invited some members of our magazine's team. Danko Rosete, Lorena Sánchez, Meily Téllez and Rafael Valdivia talked about these topics and told how was the experience of crossing together the threshold of the realm of detuning. 

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