Portada del no. 4 de Magazine AM:PM. Ilustración: Mayo Bous.
Portada del no. 4 de Magazine AM:PM. Ilustración: Mayo Bous.

Magazine AM:PM no. 4

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30.10.2019 / Issues

Finally, the fourth issue of Magazine AM: PM (and last of 2019) is a reality and is overwhelmed with dance. We invite you to immerse yourself in some pages in which Rafael Valdivia reflects on contemporary soneras voices in Cuba, taking as a pretext the recent homage to Adalberto Álvarez in the Karl Marx Theater; Deconstructing the night comes with another luxury Rafael (Grillo) telling us as nobody what it is to live the Yellow Submarine, as well as an essential list of where to go if you want to dance Cuban popular music. All this is, of course, the tip of the iceberg; Discover the rest for themselves.

In this edition we bring you to:

  • • Reflections on the sonar voices (on the subject of homage to Adalberto Álvarez (Article) - Rafael Valdivia
  • • Old albums with storms and cyclones (Playlist) - Sigfredo Ariel
  • • From Havana to Dubai (Article) - Carla Mesa Rojas
  • • Dismantling the night: Yellow Submarine (Chronicle) - Rafael Grillo
  • • Music office: what to do to study music in Cuba? (Comment) - Darsi Fernández
  • • Photos stolen from the eighties Cuban music (Gallery) - Sebastián Elizondo
  • • Where do I go if I want to dance Cuban music? (Article) - Rafael Valdivia
  • • The winner's path (Review, Event) - Eileen Sosín
  • • La guapería according to Zenet (Review, Album) - Sigfredo Ariel
  • • Trio Words: traditional trova for the 21st century (Review, Album) - Marcel Lueiro
  • • Giving the note: Conga through the neighborhoods. (Review) - Jorge Berroa
  • • DJ Cami Layé Okún: What unites us is dementia (Interview) - Rafa G. Escalona

Also collaborating: Mayo Bous, María José Sardiñas, Román G. Alsina, Jennifer Ancízar, Camilo Nieto (illustrators); Ariel Cecilio Lemus, Rolo Cabrera, Ingrid Lobaina Ruiz, Alejandro Reyes, Sebastien Lerebours (photographers).

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Magazine AM:PM

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