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Issues Magazine AM: PM. Illustration: Fabián Muñoz. Magazine AM: PM. Illustration: Fabián Muñoz.

Magazine AM: PM no. 9

Can we “reorder” Cuban music? That is the question that crosses this ninth installment of the PDF that comes to refresh us in the month of August. Concerned about how the country's economic vicissitudes impact the industry, our editors dedicated this edition to the so-called Ordering Task for the sector, as well as the new changes that are taking time to arrive. A common thread that is announced from the tremendous cover of Fabián Muñoz and that finds, at various times in these pages, its delirious focus. 

This issue returns to the importance of information for the industry and starts with the global statistics on music consumption and market in 2020. Along the way Rita del Prado and the Karma Duo appear to tell us about the prehistory of La Guarandinga, a project that this month turns 15 years old; while we dare again with a list, this time dedicated to the reggaeton producers and cast in Cuba that you should know. All of this is, of course, the tip of the iceberg; discover the rest for yourselves.

In this edition:

    • Music consumption and market in 2020 in figures (infographic) — Emilio Suárez and Fernando Riveaux
  • Cartography (incomplete) of Cuban producers: reggaeton and cast (list) —Magazine AM:PM
  • The head dance (Literature feat. Music)
  • Can we order the music? Some realities and many questions (article) — Darsi Fernández 
  • Soundcheck Me, Please! (article) —Alfonso Peña
  • Rosa Marquetti (Backstage) — Darsi Fernandez 
  • Prehistory of La Guarandinga (article) —Rita del Prado and Dúo Karma
  • Sandunga, project under construction (article) —Cynthia de la Cantera Toranzo
  • A Ñiko in Cuban music (gallery) — Ñiko and Pepe Menéndez 
  • loveagain / FlorDeLoto (review) —Lorena Sánchez 
  • Flies of Fire (The concert) / Roly Berrío (review) —Iván Egüed 
  • Electric jazz-The underground bridge / Etián Brew Man (review) —Alejandro Zamora Montes
  • The entire island as a gateway to music (interview with Antonio Martínez) — Rafa G. Escalona. 

In addition they collaborated:

Román Alsina / Jennifer Ancízar / Evelyn Batista / Jorge Bonet / Alejandro Cuervo / Esteban Isnardi / Fabián Muñoz / Sindicato Studio / Titina 

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