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Magazine AM: PM no. 10

Music, in one of its simplest definitions, is the organization and combination of sounds and silences in a temporal succession. The truth is that without this physical phenomenon, its existence is not possible. But the sound has numerous edges that interest the processes of production and communication of music. Heritage, technological, aesthetic, biological, psychological edges... 

It is not the first time that we deal with aspects related to sound in our magazine. In fact, it has been one of the topics with frequent presence, especially through Alfonso Peña's interesting approaches to the different types of recording studios or to the sound and technological conditions of our main halls and theaters. But this time, without absurd pretensions to cover them all, we wanted to dedicate this number 10 -which comes in the form of a yearbook and celebrates the fourth anniversary of Magazine AM:PM— to some of the themes that we had not explored until now, related to sound in general and Cuban music in particular. 

Thus, although we have been left wanting —for now— to talk about noise and noise pollution in our cities; about how deaf people perceive sounds; about sound heritage management; to make an assessment of the acoustic conditions in Havana's musical spaces and to analyze the possibilities of legally undertaking business in the sound and audio technology sector according to current Cuban legislation, we believe that we have achieved an interesting and balanced compendium of topics, some approached or carried out by very prestigious professionals of the specialty in our country such as Jerónimo Labrada, Jerzy Belc, Alfonso Peña, Miguel Angel Bárzagas or Daelsis Pena, which we invite you to read, with the hope that you find them interesting. 

This thematic number also serves as a kind of tribute to Cuban sound professionals: professors of the specialty, recording studio engineers, technicians, room and monitor sound engineers, recorders, mixers and musical producers, without whom Cuban music would not it would be the same.

In this edition:

  • Concert for very important people / Marcela Joya
  • When listening "hurts" / Claudina Hernández Bean
  • Audio formats available to mere mortals / Alfonso Peña
  • The time of Pancho / Alfonso Peña feat. Darien Sanchez
  • On your marks, set, REC / Darsi Fernández
  • Sound, the silent friend of the image / Jerónimo Labrada
  • The art of making sound: its teaching in Cuba / Leidy Marrero Abrantes
  • Paranormal Areito / Daelsis Pena feat. Darien Sanchez
  • Like a movie, by Red Cloud / Iván Egüed
  • Celia in Cuba / Cuba in Celia: a book as an act of justice / Norge Espinosa Mendoza
  • Awakening, by Adrián Estévez / Rafa G. Escalona
  • Polski dzwiekowiec na Kubie. Interview with Jerzy Belc / Darsi Fernández and Niurka González
  • Silvio and the rockstar / Maykel Bárzagas feat. Darien Sanchez

In addition they collaborated:

Lissette Batista / Alejandro Cuervo / Kaloian / Rosa Marquetti / Daniel Mordzinski / Fabián Muñoz / Yanaisy Puentes. 

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