Illustration: Mayo Bous
Illustration: Mayo Bous

AM:PM Cassettes – Does Bad Bunny tweark alone?

2 minutos / Magazine AM:PM

08.05.2020 / Podcast

It seems that we are already catching the taste to this thing of podcasts and now, as this second episode of AM:PM Cassettes surprises us again in our homes, we launch to answer a question that remained floating in the pilot chapter: is Bad Bunny feminist?

Although for the past couple of years the figure of Conejo Malo has become more and more present in our lives —either on the side of the fans or of haters—, a new circle of hell has been opened after the release of the song Yo perreo sola (and its video clip).

Amid the controversy over whether or not the Puerto Rican singer is redefining the canon, whether his political and musical actions are rebuilt on the basis of a "controlled demolition of the macho discourse" or perhaps it is the purest and crudest marketing operation, we opened this conversation between several members of our Editorial Board —Darsi Fernández, Diana Ferreiro and Rafa G. Escalona—, also adding one of our regular collaborators: the musicologist Lázara Laura Yllarramendiz, who in recent times has taken its pulse to urban music.

The result: about 30 minutes of delicious debate, seasoned with the sound of Puerto Rican reggaeton. So sharpen your knives and let us know what conversations you would like to have with Bad Bunny, if it were feminism. We will be attentive.

Magazine AM:PM · ¿Bad Bunny perrea solo?

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    Hello everyone! I heard the discussion about bad bunny and feminism .. I loved it !! It's great !!! I think that his target audience weighs a lot in the assessment. Q is the one who supports him in some way, and with whom he needs to have a certain balance. Q if he becomes very radical, he loses his "power" over them. I did not care quite the same, it seemed like any other, but with the expensive videos and I am only my own ... Change my mind ... I do not think it is just a marketing strategy, the buttocks outside sell more 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻 ‍♀️ He is taking a risk, love the controversy that obviously can give him more fame or whatever ... He is betting at least for a different audience that is beyond the one that usually consumes that genre ... The conversation of you shows it 💃

    Rafa G. Escalona


    Hello Lía, thank you for your comments and for listening carefully. Indeed, I think we are dealing with an artist who evolves with the naked eye. We will see where his career leads.

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