Illustration: Mayo Bous
Illustration: Mayo Bous

Literature feat. Music: Three poems by Luis Lorente

1 minuto / Luis Lorente

12.07.2019 / Others


You put your hand smooth, 

warm on my knee;

a rite, what a wonder

when the hand talks.

So leave your hand immersed,

Inside, around me.

Touch the turkish blue sky,

But fixed in your head

That you made me the promise

To put your hand here. 


I do not know what bolero you sing,

sad deserved matter

by someone who has not come,

I do not know what bolero you sing. 

Bolero a bolero espantas

the facts that suddenly

they bothered your forehead

arbitrary that misfortune

and oblivious to this month of June

and their different song.


Words. You do not suspect

Do not listen to me, and where,

behind you who is hiding 

that you do not take anything 

to open doors and gaps, 

to speak or to mute, 

to be you, not to be, 

the night that yesterday did not have 

value where there was never 

Want to leave and come back?


The poems belong to the book Two Brothers Bar edited in 2017 in the Robinson collection of Ediciones Matanzas

Luis Lorente

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