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Literature feat. Music Illustration: Jennifer Ancízar. Illustration: Jennifer Ancízar.

In Woodstock, take Mnemosine

In sawmills

on the warm yellow of the meadows of Aaru

coming from Bulu metal film caravans

like a foggy home rising

to the wood reservoirs.

In the darkness shimmering hells

(the networks of frozen and fiery Naraka caverns)

from red hot to blue lotus utpala

the Naraka of the crushed one the one of the great cry

the one of the heat and the great heat

the one with teeth like chestnuts in the fire,

making hu hu without quenching thirst

and the Naraka of the condemned man to drink from a large bowl of cologne.

with black lines that last

1296 years

where Yama's servants cut through

with fiery saws and sharp axes

a body

and the Avīci

the uninterrupted Naraka of the blackberry herb


by who knows how many feet).

With eyes wide shut I hear the roosters crowing


at the back

on the road to Bethel

the open book of doors

of hell and heaven

oh Guinee Dwelling Gardens and Fresh Grass
Asgard, the walled city, perfect and incomplete

at midnight

and the lake of Gehenna's flames on which they grow

demon heads

orc barbarian tartars

a sustained bitter fruit to eat


at Din Yu's door:

Meng Pol prepares a five lotus tea

and at her door the Tuonela girl (Tuonen Tyttö):

that will guide us through the Gjöll River or the Tuoni

in the stream of knives falling into the gullies

in Uku Pacha at a crossroads between the jícaros

I look out of a casimba that is the eye of the earth

and gives way to a cliff

in which space swims and time swims

I come from Dilmun

where the lady of the air, Ninlil, dwells.

and no one knows that the sesame seeds

serve to eat

and to fill barrels that keep you from hell

(in Svalbard).

Food foot, fast food, football


match me free of charge and fast

among the Yellow Springs

in a tomb / in a Japanese food tundra

I want to eat at Yomi-no-kuni

and return to the j/rueg/do of the big best accelerator

while the red cross is clearing the mudflat of drowning people

and against the electrical mesh of the stage

my half-naked singers dive in head first


How cold in the stomach Jimi

what a leap Janis and you unwrapped

like a raw star undermining the flag


calculates a long decline a mass suicide

plan(n)do on the Internet.

Open the gates of the city of light

Jim Morrison sleeps safely at home

I wanted to use the bathtub of the Queen of Sheba for the first time.

Seneca's bathtub

Cleopatra's bathtub Queen Victoria's pool

Duchamp's urinal, Marat's bathtub.

God help us

I have reached 27 years of age

see what I have in my pockets

blue chocolate

and the first to enter Sheol was the soft Abel

you have never taken Soma juice

come with me to the Naraka of the blister and the one with the open blister

to the Naraka of the great lotus where your entire body

will eventually break into pieces of raw meat.

your internal organs to the cold

also broken later

without music.

Come to the Naraka of chills

that the merchants of the roller coaster

will no longer be able to reach them.

Don't look any further for the one who has already found us.

in the slider

touching the water

entering Tlalocan I will give you the map of Amduat

and I will give you my secret.

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