Illustration: Mayo Bous.
Illustration: Mayo Bous.

Prizes of the contest The Woman in Cuban Music

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17.07.2020 / Others

On the afternoon of July 9, 2020, the jury of the Cuban Women in Music comic contest - convened by Magazine AM: PM and Vitrina de Vallonia -, made up of Etienne Schréder, Belgian cartoonist, met; Alexander Izquierdo, Cuban cartoonist; Lysbeth Daumont, director of Vitrina de Vallonia; Rafa G. Escalona, director of Magazine AM: PM; and Mayo Bous, illustrator of said publication.

After evaluating the narrative and graphic quality of the works presented, it was decided to award the following prizes: 

1st Prize: “Rita Montaner”, by Adrián del Pino 

2nd Prize: "I am the Cuban point", by Jennifer Ancizar

3rd Prize: "Tonight", by Remy Ramsés Hernández

Mención: “Lucy García Montalvo, la gran pianista cubana”, Amelia Sautié Oquendo (11 años)

Para futuros certámenes se recomienda a los autores: 

  • Before starting to experiment with page designs typical of other comic schools (Japanese, North American ...), use the most basic in order to increase fluency in storytelling.
  • A comic book page can contain between five and 12 bullets. 
  • When referring to real characters, the details of the drawing must be taken care of, so that the reader can immediately identify the figure represented. 
  • Preferably, make the texts by hand, in block letters, or use a digital font that makes reading easier. 
  • Take into account spelling and writing, as well as consistency in the use of language.
  • The title should not be part of the page design, as it can be included in the stem or on the presentation page of the comic.


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