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From when I redesigned the Tribune or Protestódromo for a dystopian future and it turned out to be a bit of a mess.

The 4th of July Park, located on Havana's Malecon and renamed in April 2000 as José Martí Anti-imperialist Tribune, was transformed into a political square. There took place the "Battle of Ideas", the return of the child Elián, the liberation of the Five and a multitude of marches, political and reaffirmation acts that were celebrated in the capital. Some people who screw around know it as El Protestódromo (The Protestódromo).

However, a large part of the "hard" international concerts that have taken place on this island, such as Audioslave, Air Supply, Manu Chao, Sepultura, Kool and the Gang, Calle 13, Olga Tañon, Major Lazer and three editions of the Latin American rock festival Patria Grande were held there. In Havana there are not many places with "musical" conditions that can contain a crowd. This area was conceived for 30,000 people, although they could reach 100,000 if the surrounding areas are used. There is room for a ball e' peopleIt is well located and gets fresh water from the sea.

In the end, more than Tribuna Antimperialista, it has behaved as Tribuna Musical, Tribuna de la Bailadera, Perreotribuna. That is the tribune we deserve, the one we would like. 

More circus and less teque, please. But the park requires a redesign, both in technical and material conditions as well as in concept, and my friends at AM: PM I was entrusted with the execution of the renovation as a creative, artistic, dogfighting and constructive exercise.

Honestly, I don't know about all the errors that this space must have in order to become ideal. Public spaces, even from an original conception, must be flexible and evolve according to the needs of those who frequent them, instead of responding to a static, definitive project.

But what I am very clear about is how I would NOT like that size to be. I am concerned to see how, nowadays, in cultural and leisure spaces, certain people are excluded, generally because of their economic capacity, sometimes because of their "bad looks". This judgment is totally subjective and is decided by any doorman, any house with right of admission, any private bar with grand bourgeois pretensions. People coolpretty, bienvesty (branded), which is seen to come to consume with debauchery and to perrear demurely.

That said, I set out to redesign the plaza for a murky, dystopian future, turning it into an exclusionary cultural niche. The following proposals are two of the worst solutions I can think of in this exercise of bad architecture and shameless urbanism, apocalyptic plans and eagerness to burn criticism. As I did it without permission, I apologize.

*This gallery was published in the No. 11 of Magazine AM:PM

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