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Paula Trama, Kinética and Mejores Amigas in Madrid, by Indie Hoy

The Argentine media Indie Hoy, a reference of the independent music scene in Spanish, disembarks with its first production in Madrid. On Tuesday, November 1st, starting at 9pm, will take place Indie Today Presents at Intruso Bar (C. de Augusto Figueroa 3, Chueca) with a line-up which connects proposals from different nationalities: Paula Trama (Argentina), Kinética (Chile) and Mejores Amigas (Spain). 

Leading the art pop orchestra Los Besos, the Argentine Paula Trama conquers the public with her intimate songs of universal feelings. They have released two albums (the most recent one being sentimental mathThe album will be released in 2019) and a series of EPs that make up a true treasure trove of Argentine indie music. While they are preparing their new album scheduled for 2023, their most recent release is the summery single In the sand. Trama is also a member of the duo Susi Pirelli and a poet: this year she published the book of poems Song, count on me. En Intruso Bar will close its tour European with a presentation of its set soloist, an opportunity to listen to the author of these songs with brilliance, poetry and voice.

Kinética, on the other hand, is the alter ego of Emiliana Abril, the Chilean producer, composer and singer based in Spain. She has released three studio albums: the most recent one, III (2017), was winner in the Best Electronic Music Artist category in the 2018 edition of Pulsar, the prestigious recognition of Chilean music. This year he shared the single Starsa new installment of his creations of fractured rhythms that explore the limits of pop and electronica. "I'm still in a constant search to find my own sound, independent of musical style," says Kinética about his quest that extends from breakbeat to pop and drumn bass.

Mateo and Valeria, members of the duo Mejores Amigas.

Mateo and Valeria, members of the duo Mejores Amigas.

Mejores Amigas is the duo of dream pop which is formed by Mateo and Valeria. After the homonymous debut EP in 2020, the duo is now presenting the single If I don't feel. Released through the label Futuras Licenciadas, the song is a hymn to the uncertainty of youth in this era, between synthesizers and distortion. Atmospheric songs that seek their climax with layers of noise.  

Indie Hoy is a cultural media from Argentina, on-line since 2008 and a reference of the independent music scene in Spanish. Since its inception it has promoted the internationalization of artists and their audiences, disseminating projects not only from Argentina but from all over Latin America, Spain and the rest of the world. Since September 2020 it has been part of Faroan alliance of Ibero-American music and cultural media. The self-managed project will arrive in Spain to be part of BIME, where it will participate in a panel on the current state of music journalism. Its directors will be in charge of the musicalization of the event. Indie Today Presents.

Indie Today Presents in Madrid is a co-production with Puddlemarketing and communications agency. The media partners are Construction Area and alliance participants Faro, with INAMU (Instituto Nacional de la Música, Argentina) as a strategic ally. Spanish independent labels La Sagrada and Future Graduates make possible the participation of Kinética and Mejores Amigas, respectively. Tickets are available through See Tickets.

Tickets on sale through SeeTickets.

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