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Faro Panorama Faro, April 2024: Dillom, Céu, Masquemusica, Paula Pera, Eidi, Oques Grasses, Ramona, Ihara Burgos and others. Panorama Faro, April 2024: Dillom, Céu, Masquemusica, Paula Pera, Eidi, Oques Grasses, Ramona, Ihara Burgos and others.

Panorama Faro: discover what's new from Dillom, Céu and Eidi

Dillom from Argentina, the Brazilian Céu, the Chilean singer-songwriter Masquemusica, the Mexican group Ramona and Oques Grasses from Spain, are some of the interesting proposals that we highlight this month in our Panorama: Joint article by the media that make up FARO (Alianza de medios culturales y musicales Iberoamericanos), which seeks to point out those releases that should be taken into account by all music lovers in the region.

As every month, you can also listen to -and follow- our playlist on Spotify, which features an expanded selection of featured songs from each country.

ARGENTINA / by By Juampa Barbero (indie today)

By cesarean section - Dillom

After the devastating debut that was post-mortem (2021), Dillom's back was against the wall. Many wondered what the Argentine artist was going to do to surpass himself, but no one could foresee what he was up to. If post-mortem had been Dillom's exorcism, By cesarean section is the resurrection of his most hostile demons. A hair-raising descent into the depths of madness.

By cesarean section is not an easy album to digest. Dillom confronts us with themes such as disillusionment, betrayal, pain and death, but he does it with a rawness, sensitivity and brutal honesty that grabs us from the very first moment. As the songs and the narrative of the album progress, we discover the different layers of the character's psyche, his traumas, his fears and his most visceral desires.

Dillom doesn't shy away from anything. As sharp as he is chameleon-like, he finds his place in rock, trap and punk, and there are even doses of funk and indie pop. With the participation of Andrés Calamaro and Lali, a nod to Miranda! and the effervescence of an inveterate rebel, By cesarean section broke the logic of the mainstream with a work of psychedelic terror to listen to and not sleep.

BRAZIL / by Marcelo Costa (Scream & Yell)

Novel - Céu

The singer Céu debuted in 2005 with CéUan album that topped the charts in the United States and earned him a Grammy and Latin Grammy nomination. Since then, his subsequent albums (Vagarosa, Sereia Bloom Caravan, Tropix - 2009, 2012 and 2014 respectively) have made her one of the great Brazilian composers and performers of this century. After an album of covers, Um Gosto de Sol (2021), which did not receive the same recognition as her original albums, Céu realized she needed to renew her energies and took her suitcase, her producer husband (Pupillo, ex-Nação Zumbi) and her dreams, and went to Los Angeles. There, at Linear Labs Studio, she recorded live, assisted by Pupillo and arranger Adrian Younge, the songs that compose Novelher sixth album; an album that reconnects her with her best production, while flirting with music. soulThe album features rap, bolero, stars and earth with collaborators such as LadyBug Mecca (Digable Planets) and French-Senegalese Anaiis, among others. Well produced, inspired and delightful to listen to, Novel can transform your day. Try it.

CHILE / by POTQ Team (POTQ Magazine)

I am well - Masquemusica

In April we highlight I am well of Masquemusica. The artist behind this project is Macarena Campos, one of the most powerful and talented contemporary voices in Chile. But the brilliance of her compositions lies not only in her voice. Since her debut song in 2020, her proposal deployed from soul and R&B feels like a place of shelter. And in the case of this new release, another preview of her first full-length, it's an invitation to be well in the company of oneself. To be alone, to be alone and to be quiet. Masquemusica is going through a good moment: it has already successfully passed through important local festivals such as Lollapalooza Chile and REC, and recently delivered a show excellent as opening act for The Black Pumas. It is said that living in this world no place is safe but, without a doubt, the music of Macarena Campos is. The pause for a breath of fresh air.

COLOMBIA / by María Camila Dávila (

The end of time Paula Pedraza

The end of time is the debut album by Bogota-born singer-songwriter Paula Pedraza. Her music is a mix that goes from pop to indie, with a sweet and sometimes melancholic voice. In this album of 11 songs Paula covers different themes such as loneliness, fear of the end, her own sadness, goodbyes, fond memories and the search for identity. A sad song doesn't need to encourage the rhythm to make us cry, and a happy song doesn't need a fast rhythm to make us want to sing it all. That is the magic of Paula Pera: her voice is able to transmit, through great stories and songs, from sweetness. Read the full review here.

CUBA / by Magazine AM: PM

See you at 4:20 - Eidi

In little more than three years Eidi has become one of the most solid representatives of the new Cuban rap scene. His production See you at 4:20 is a demonstration of the tremendous desire to eat the world that this young Havana-born philosophy student has. In 2024 he returns with another EP, much more mature and coherent, with a clear theme that runs through the whole work (the celebration of marijuana). In a country that criminalizes the possession and consumption of cannabis in any form, this small arsenal of songs that Eidi wrote and produced with Australian Jacob Janzen, is a reminder that most of the time the spirit that animates the smoke of marijuana is harmlessly relaxed. Son of these times, with textures somewhere between lo-fi and R&B with nostalgic references to the 90s of the last century, See you at 4:20 offers 12 minutes of the best of Cuban hip hop in the last two decades.

SPAIN / by Sergi Mr. Disturbances Marquis (Sound World)

Fruit deliri - Oques Grasses

Fruit deliri is one of those albums that is gaining in importance with each new listening, because in each of them you discover details that had gone unnoticed from the beginning. A varied album in the choice of rhythms, but with the amalgam of the Oques Grasses label, characterized by that freedom and absence of complexes to face a theme as only they know how to do it, with their own personality. An album capable of combining the delicacy and melancholy that is always present in their albums (Ping-pong, Sort of your), with that classic declaration of principles that, like Jubilar-mealways identifies them. A total disregard for how the rules of the game work, even if they know them by heart. And it is evident that, once installed in a summit, one breathes and lives much better. Free of ties.

Oques Grasses climbed that summit, thanks to the danceable and carefree effectiveness of festive songs like In The Night, Sta Guai or Petar-hoThe company can now afford the luxury of continuing to do things its own way, but without accommodations. It's not about resting on your laurels, it's about eating them. And that is exactly what they have done with this Fruit deliri.

Mexico / by Cynthia Flores (Indie Rocks!)

The Hymns of Love - Ramona

The young band from Tijuana, not caring at this point about the "digital" standards in music, imposed by the ways people listen to music and the agendas of aggregators, released The Hymns of LoveYes, 28 songs! And it is well known here in Mexico within the independent community, that its leader songwriter Jesús Guerrero is a prolific singer-songwriter who has not stopped producing, collaborating and experimenting since the beginning of his career. "The truth was something that came naturally, I think I had a lot to express, our two previous albums were eight tracks and this one was like a compilation of the pandemic until 2024", says the singer-songwriter.

In its complete listening we go through several soundscapes that you may be able to let run for a whole afternoon of tranquility. Very Mexican ballads, R&B and soft pop, gravitating in a retro orbit. psycho and that in most of the songs, they sing to love. I would say that they are in a vibe which pays tribute to a Mexico of the 60's. Between these 28 there are several instrumental "bridges" or "breaks" that do not clash with the band's style, and the journey can be enjoyable between all these songs as they also feature collaborations with Guillermo Boneto, Alorah Menaki, É Arenas, Ximena Sariñana, Daniel Me Estas Matando and several others.

URUGUAY / by Kristel Latecki (Piiila)

Luar - Ihara Burgos

Ihara Burgos found herself as a singer-songwriter participating in reality singing. It was in one of them -Livin' BroadwayThe first time he wrote his first song for recording, he decided to write his first song for recording. His first song was born, Crystalline Eyesand since then he couldn't stop. Since last year, he has been releasing the songs that now make up placeher debut EP, one that features her voice and pen on pop themes, with influences ranging from folk, electronica and soul.

These known plots of land yielded in place interesting searches, especially in moments where the acoustic guitars go towards flamenco or milonga. But it is in the lyrics where we find the originality of this singer-songwriter, opening her heart, revealing insecurities and celebrating bonds; and who sings of desire and sensuality, both with subtleties and with a beautiful frankness.

Listen to her playlist complete here.

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