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FARO: discover what's new from Juliana Gattas, Shinova and more

ARGENTINA / by By Juampa Barbero (indie today)

Make-up on the bed - Juliana Gattas

Make-up on the bedJuliana Gattas' first solo album, takes us into a universe of glamour and eccentricity. The singer from Miranda! covers a wide range of genres, from the electrodance, the synth pop and some nods to jazz, to unveil his versatility and chameleon-like charisma. Through each song, Gattas brings to life diverse characters and moods, channeling his personal experiences with a touch of humor and irony, combining the euphoria of dance with the melancholy of heartbreak.

The Argentinean pop icon shines in tracks as Drunk in someone else's bathroom and Make-up on the bed -The album's first previews, where her interpretative skills shine as she embodies a diva who lives on the edge between the absurd and the sublime. The production, in the hands of Chilean Alex Anwandter, evokes a retro and modern aesthetic in a handful of songs full of elegant string arrangements, vibrant synthesizers and emotions to the surface.

BRAZIL / by Marcelo Costa (Scream & Yell)

Delta Estacio Blues - Juçara Marçal

If for ordinary citizens extreme situations are almost a matter of life and death, for artists it is often the moment to take a leap into the void, experimenting with paths they might not have taken if the situation had not demanded it. Thus, the isolation imposed by the pandemic led singer-songwriter Juçara Marçal and her producing partner Kiko Dinucci to search for a way to create an album during a period when people could not get together. The result of their search was a classic: Delta Estacio Bluesthe album of electronic verve anchored in experimentation and collages released in 2021, was voted album of the year by several publications, including Scream & Yellobtained an EP (also not to be missed) of leftovers in 2022 (EPDEB) and, now in March, a bombastic remix album, DEBRMX (2024), which radically amplifies the sound of the original project. There are 15 tracks remixed by 19 leading artists of electronic music, ranging from funk to technoThe album's original idea of gathering black music from all corners of the world has been expanded. To listen with headphones and go crazy.

CHILE / by POTQ Team (POTQ Magazine)

 Young (Still) - doubles

While we are living the end of the world, it is still possible to dance softly and rhythmically. This, thanks to doblesanto's debut album, Young (still). In an era of overwhelming standardization and in which the algorithm plays tricks on us by showing the same old faces, these twelve songs are a treasure - hopefully less and less hidden - within Chilean music. Here appear the Latin sounds that are part of a living memory of the continent, passing through the bolero or the most lilting cumbia, for example, but from the perspective of those who grew up in democracy, with internet, little machines and a classical guitar in their room. The quintet moves away from any exercise in style, on the contrary, the textures and vocal games offered by each of the songs on this album, what they show most is curiosity and freedom but with their feet firmly planted on their land. Excellent debut.

SPAIN / by Fran González (Mondo Sonoro)

The present - Shinova

The present is the fifth album by the Biscayan band Shinova and another proof that they continue on the path of exploration that, since their beginnings, has marked their trajectory. Together with Manuel Colmenero -with whom they repeat in the production- they seem to have found the right key to continue writing a trajectory that seems to have no ceiling. Shinova's history is worthy of study. At The presentThe band continues to take giant steps forward, not only with a very careful production, but also with a wide range of what they can still contribute to their pop rock, a trademark of the band. This is evidenced by songs such as Wings or Gloriaideal half-times to take a breath of fresh air, such as the luminous Our postcard, I would not change anything or the melodically delicate The days to come. Along the way, they introduce electronic sounds to enrich songs such as December or Before it's all over. Shinova reaffirm themselves with The present as one of the great bands of their generation.

COLOMBIA / by Valentina Alfonso (

Bochinche - DawerxDamper

At the end of 2019 in shock we present the Dawer and Damper brothers, born in Cali, Colombia, as a colorful promise of afrofuturism. They had just won a local band tournament we organized and were just building their project. Before that, they formed a funk quintet called Alto Volumen. Today, five years later, the DawerXDamper are the spearhead of a movement thriving in names, colors and flow. A movement of young blacks, from the city of Cali, committed to exploring their neighborhoods, their identity and Afro-diasporic music outside of any cliché attributable to the label of "urban". They have already been nominated for a Latin Grammy award for their album Where Machi and now they released the EP, Bochinchewith collaborations in which they have fun with rhythm and language. "Bochinche", in Colombia, means party, uproar, scandal. Well, DawerxDamper's is an elegant bochinche, formed in the neighborhood at the point of color and afrobeats.

Mexico / by Ana Li Rodríguez (Indie Rocks!)

Days Were - Baca Child

The Mexican quartet formed by Niño, Bruno, Keks and Blati finally releases their first album. Nine songs make up Days WereThis LP is released thanks to HEP Records! and to the magic and cosmic intensity of Sebastián Garrido, who supported the production, mixing and mastering of Niño Baca's debut. In addition, in this journey of kraut and psychedelia is accompanied by Angelica Victoria (angelicodiablo) in a bubbly collaboration on the track D5. The young project compiles the best of friendship and hangueo in an enjoyable, fun album with which you will spend several minutes disconnected from reality.

URUGUAY / by Piiila

Pepper and Toothpicks - Family Hallucinations

Since their first album released in 2015, Alucinaciones en Familia -with Pau O'Bianchi at the helm- continued the path that its members had been treading in the independent sphere of Montevidean music, reaching new heights. That is: leaving the basements and selling out tickets in some of the most important stages of the city.

Now, with their third hallucinogenic volume, the band polished this amorphous sound that already characterizes them (unprejudiced experiments that combine pop, psychedelia and rock), putting the voice more at the forefront. And perhaps without planning it, they made their evocative lyrics capture even more curiosity, be it from the metaphor and the play of images, but more often from the raw and direct description of the real.

So this album, more than the previous ones, launches the listener on a roller coaster of emotions and dynamics. At times it falls from euphoric and chanting highs, but after a few affable turns the uphill climb becomes more difficult, laden with pain and mourning. This is a celebration of life while living with death; the transformation of pain into something deformed but beautiful.

CUBA / by Magazine AM:PM

Los Palos Gozadores - Michael Olivera

Making it clear the enjoyment behind these ten tracks, Michael Olivera brings to light Los Palos Gozadoreshis third album, accompanied by renowned musicians Alex Conde and Gastón Joya. In a journey between nostalgia and reaffirmation through several classics of Cuban and international music such as Could you be loved or The Comparsathe Cuban percussionist wants to propose a new point of view. With an apparently simple trio format, he reinterprets melodic motifs and translates them into the language of jazz -which he has already made his own-. Ingenious harmonic games, improvisations well integrated into the flow of the phonogram, and the intimate and balanced selection of the pieces make Olivera's most recent release a solid proposal, which evidences the artist's maturity not only as a composer and instrumentalist, but also as a producer. Without leaving aside the influence of his Afro-Cuban roots -which have always characterized his style-, Olivera's most recent release is a solid proposal that evidences his maturity not only as a composer and instrumentalist, but also as a producer. The joy sticks is an album that transcends these borders to delight any lover of the genre.

Listen to her playlist complete here.



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