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Panorama Faro: October

The end of a new month has arrived and with it comes the Faro Panorama. Here, the Alianza de Medios Culturales de Iberoamérica gathers in one place the most outstanding releases of the region, selected by the participating media. In addition to learning about the month's featured artists, these musical recommendations can be listened to in our playlist of Spotify Ibero-American Panorama.

Without further ado, here are the highlights of Ibero-American music in October.

ARGENTINA / by Juampa Barbero (indie today)

Class B - Zebra Woman

With more adrenaline and more venom, Mujer Cebra's second album is a visceral manifesto, a declaration of intentions that seeks to transform the local alternative rock scene. Consisting of 11 songs that range from violent exaltation to the emotional perturbation of the Argentine collective unconscious, in Class B he power trio exhibits all the energy, versatility and dynamics that characterizes it. Mujer Cebra knows that fire is for burning, whether inside or out.

The new fears of the post-pandemic era implied new challenges for the Buenos Aires band. Amidst the turbulence of the present, Class B becomes the soundtrack of a generation that is not afraid to face the unknown, but also knows how to embrace its own vulnerability where silence ends. Between fury and melancholy, Mujer Cebra finds the right balance to shed light on the complexity of these fiery times.

BRAZIL / by Marcelo Costa (Scream & Yell)

Me Chama de Gato Que Eu Sou Sua - Ana Frango Elétrico

Emblematic name of the new Brazilian music, either with his solo records (Little Electric Chicken Heart, of 2019, won several awards) or as a producer (Sim Sim SimBala Desejo, was awarded a Latin Grammy in 2022), Ana Frango Elétrico is back with the long awaited Me Chama de Gato Que Eu Sou Suahis new album, released in collaboration with RISCO (Brazil), Mr Bongo (England) and Think! Records (Japan). In the press release, Ana explains: "This is an album about music production: seventies drums with eighties processing; different references from different decades with different processing. Testing the boundaries of organic sounds, going back/going further! I've been asking myself: what is music production? I recently came to the conclusion that it is sculpting the air". The definition, poetic, results in an album that, sonically, pays homage to names like Lincoln Olivetti, Rita Lee, Tim Maia, Cassiano and Roberto Carlos, but that, thematically, is passionately 2023. To listen, dance and love.

CHILE / by Javiera Tapia (POTQ)

Something (So simple) - White Idea

Camila Florez is gradually leaving adolescence behind. The native of Talca, a city 238 kilometers south of the Chilean capital, already gave us a sample of the freedom with which she moves in different genres, from pop to trap, in her first EP, Texts Vol. 1in 2021, under his White Idea project. And in this October, he is charming us once again with Something (So simple)a luminous and spring-like pop piece that we urgently needed to get the winter off our backs. "It's a sung mantra that was born based on an interview about death with grandmother Amtokatlnesli, which was an inspiration," says the artist. "From that came the restlessness to create a personal chanted reminder that was about letting yourself be in the moment. I wanted to express a point of view about relaxing, taking mistakes and being grateful for them." When the machinery of the algorithm is increasingly suffocating, proposals like Idea Blanco's, who moves in total freedom through her preferred references and genres, are very grateful.

COLOMBIA / by Valentina Alfonso (

I Don't Remember - Oblivion's Mighty Trash

In his first album, Medellín rapper Juan Sebastián Álvarez Sierra, better known as Oblivion's Mighty Trash, puts his life and what rap means to him on beats. He dedicated eight months to this album and its concept, he says, has no pretensions other than to talk about the "patch of friends" that surrounds him (he means the group of friends, for those who read us outside of Colombia). It is an intimate debut in which he narrates his life in a city known, from the outside, for exporting reggaeton, but which has a long tradition of classic rap. His rhymes are solid, his beats dirty, and perhaps what defines him and separates him from the old schools of rap in his city is the digression on his emotions in the face of the close and familiar. Oblivion's Might Trashat only 20 years old, is one of the Apuestas Shock 2023 and, undoubtedly, represents the future of Colombian rap.

CUBA / by Magazine AM:PM

Yes No Outside - Hector Tellez Jr.; Krist Novoselic

Hector Tellez Jr. is a Cuban guitarist and singer based in Tennessee for the past few years, and one of the most refreshing voices in Cuban rock. His most recent release is a fast-paced blues rock for the road titled Yes No Outsidefor which he had the collaboration of Krist Novoselic, co-founder and bassist of Nirvana. This track belongs to the project that both artists developed some time ago and that Tellez grouped in his most recent EP, also titled Yes No Outside. This work also features Peter Buck, co-founder and guitarist of R.E.M. and is a sample of the direction and scope that this talented artist is looking for.

SPAIN / by Sound World

Desire dog - Travis Birds

Travis Birds' third album follows in the line of their previous works and, at the same time, breaks with all of them. In Desire dog (Calaverita Records) the Madrilenian presents eleven songs that, once again, move under the same common thread that this time is starred by desire. She has captured in each of the pieces a personal desire that she has had during these almost two years of composition. But, despite this conceptual framework, the truth is that the songs have little to do with each other. Because, as has become a tradition in all his works, Travis has once again opted to create a musical universe for each track. In this way, there is no particular style that dominates the work, giving the sensation that its author can adapt, without any problem, to any rhythm that passes in front of her. Musical diversity that she already possessed before, but that this time she has taken to the extreme. What is clear is that, with this new work, Travis Birds manages to enlarge and consolidate even more its place within the Spanish scene.

MEXICO / by AnaLi Rodríguez (Indie Rocks!)

Learning to Be - Mint Field

After three years, Estrella del Sol and Sebastián Neyra share under the project Mint Field, their new third full-length album. Learning to Be. They are 10 melodies that demonstrate the evolution of the duo from Tijuana; same, that develop with clarity between sparks of dream pop, shoegaze and organic elements; becoming an ethereal and mystical encounter. What comes today from felte will help you to work on your emotions and question the direction of your life. From The Sigh Changes Everything until Before the end of the yearThe Mexican group exposes their meticulous writing, recording and production process in this material in which you will truly learn to be.

URUGUAY / by Kristel Latecki (Piiila)

Cat - Felipe Fuentes

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Felipe Fuentes has begun to cultivate an interesting curriculum at a very young age. He has studied with leading musicians from abroad; he has collaborated with Urbano Moraes, with whom he recently shared the stage with Juana Molina; he produced the excellent album Sankofa (2020); he co-produced with Mariano Gallardo Pahlen his excellent presentation show of AVR's The Dreams of Others (2021); and now, finally, he is performing as a soloist.

As it could not be otherwise, in Cat performed all the tasks and roles of its process. From composing, playing all the instruments and singing, to his mixing and mastering. "It just became more coherent to me for a first album, bo," she declares on her Instagram.

Thus, he presents us with a set of songs that combine different influences, genres and intentions. There is a modern jazz that rises to the trap, a sinuous R&B that gets between the cracks of Uruguayan popular music. All together make up a great debut that kaleidoscopically shows the different facets of the artist.

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