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Panorama Faro: July

Faro, the Ibero-American cultural media alliance, returns this month with a new Panorama that brings together the highlights of July in the region. Each of these recommendations, plus an extended selection, can be found as always in our playlist, PANORAMA IBEROAMERICANO on Spotify. Without further ado, here are the highlights of Ibero-American music curated by the media members of the alliance.

ARGENTINA / by Indie hoy

Super terror - He Killed a Motorcycle Cop

In Super terrorEl Mató a un Policía Motorizado ventures into sinuous horizons that expand their musical language. Their long-awaited fourth album reflects the connection between the past and the present, while seeking to make its way towards an unexplored future. Moving between light and darkness, a world of uncertainty and change, the band from La Plata addresses themes linked to the passage of time, destiny and the search for new beginnings. Along the way, they encounter a desolate universe, but also a glimpse of hope. Each song of Super terror conceals a secret, an obsession and a careful sound that adds a distinctive complexity to the successor of The O'Konor synthesis (2017). With spacey guitars, enveloping synthesizers and electronic drums, the album unfolds dense atmospheres and epic melodies that embrace the unknown with devotion.

BRAZIL / by Marcelo Costa Scream & Yell

"7 Estrellas| Quem Arrancou o céu?" - Luiza Lian

"My music is a landscape for you to enter and make your journey," sings Luiza Lian in the opening song. 7 Estrellas | quem arrancou o céu?their fourth album and third with producer Charles Tixier, released in Brazil by Selo Risco and in the international market by ZZK Records. The duo, who stunned all those who were immersed in the brilliant previous album, Modern Blue (2018), resumes his experiments that collide electronic music with Brazilian music, expanding them in a powerful way. Charles uses noises, textures, filters, fragmented beats and manipulation of voices (it is impressive what he does with Luiza's voice in Minha Música) to achieve a gloomy result that makes the bed for phrases such as "Outside the world is dying", by Tecnicoloror "We could have had a love but it didn't work out", by the irresistible HomenagemWhere is the end of the world? What time does the future arrive? How high is this wall?", from the short Eu Estou Aquihighlights of an irresistible album to have in your pocket. repeat.


Small Duel - PDA

Bárbara Pérez de Arce has been a member of relevant Chilean indie projects such as Velodrome and The comfortable silence of those who speak littleIn parallel to these adventures was cooking one of our favorite albums of the month. Small Duel is her debut, an artistic collaboration with Sebastián Gaete (zenki) in which different genres meet around loss, change, pain, but also the illusion we find in the end of things: the new possibilities they bring. Grief has many forms and sounds, as PDA -the Chilean musician's musical pseudonym- demonstrated. There are losses that turn into sweet and dreamlike memories like a good dream pop, also people or actions that hurt and mobilize like a good trance closer to shoegaze. A first album full of enveloping textures; a construction very faithful to Chilean pop and indie, but also to the digital generation where the resources and motivation to electronic experimentation are the order of the day. Small Duel are 8 songs that feel like a caress to the soul, especially when we are with the weight of feeling that what we knew will no longer be so, that those who were there will no longer return.

COLOMBIA / by Fabián Páez López //

El Nido - Montoya

This album begins with a dream. Nidia Góngora, a famous traditional singer from the Colombian Pacific, leads us through a fanciful and emotional dream that is also a yearning to paint the world with colors. Later on, along the same path and during 10 more songs, images that evoke the immensity of Latin American landscapes are uncovered. There are 5 instrumentals and six collaborations in which we are guided by women's voices: the Colombian Nidia Góngora, Montañera and Pedrina; as well as Pahua (Mexico), La Chica (France-Venezuela) and Lara Nuh (Peru). Montoya, a Colombian producer based in Italy, is behind the machinery and the atmosphere: it's IDM and techno, but with a Latin touch in both form and substance. El Nido is his third album and, as he describes it, it sounds like a quiet place to contemplate after closing your eyes.

CUBA / by Magazine AM:PM

The call - Alfredo Rodriguez ft. Cimafunk

What we bring to the table needs little introduction: two of the most powerful voices of their generation, pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and the phenomenon Cimafunk, united in one explosive track. The release of the single Call is a powerful preview of Coral Way, Rodriguez's upcoming album, and an invitation that Cimafunk said he was honored to receive. Mixing Afro-Cuban rhythms and funk, this highly catchy track shows both artists at their best, with an absolute mastery of their respective talents, and leaves the listener wanting to know what else might come out of this collaboration if they get together more often.

SPAIN / By Zona de Obras

 I quit - Cupid

Heart issues, we know how complex they are. Many songs, perhaps too many, talk about it, but not so many touch our heartstrings. Among them is I leave itbrand new, brand new single of Cupid. We give the Play and we check the capacity of a quartet capable of composing hymns with a remarkable aptitude, with an almost astonishing ease. A song built by a swarm of sparkling guitars, creamy synthesizers and varied noises that adhere to the brain in an irrepressible way.

MEXICO / by Indierocks!

Nothing Written - Dorotheo

With more than a decade of existence, the beloved project from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Dorotheo, arrives with the delivery of its third full-length production: Nothing Written. A material of eight enchanting psychedelic tracks, produced by Hugo Quezada (Exploded View) in his legendary studio, Progreso Nacional. Nothing Written is a material that speaks of the changes that its members have faced, unexpected reunions, unfortunate farewells and love as a nexus of union in the face of adversity. Under the tutelage of progressive rock and space rock -which has positioned itself with great strength in our country within the alternative community- Dorotheo conjures an atmosphere of mystery and Mexicanness that makes their sound unique and rich. Congratulations to the current quintet formed by Benjamín Zárate (guitar, vocals, synths), Otto Malgesto (percussion, vocals), Anton Cerda (original bassist of the band), Cynthia Estevez (synthesizer, clarinet and vocals) and Efraín Valadez (synthesizer and percussion).

URUGUAY / by Piiila

Deep love - Mandrake Wolf

Mandrake Wolf, one of the great referents of the Uruguayan song (as just reference, he is the author of the song Deep Love popularized by Jaime Roos), continues to surprise with his most recent project, Mandrake y los Druidas. Six years after their debut, they offer us an EP that is a true work, where each track is a movement in a continuous piece. La Suite de Raymundo is a conceptual work, which goes towards the more experimental and seventies sides, moving away from the valve rock that characterizes them, but keeping their lyrics and melodies enduring and catchy. The quartet, which is completed with Ignacio Iturria on guitar, Ignacio Echeverría on bass and piano and Federico Anastasiadis on drums and percussion, recorded this work live, which was also captured in an audiovisual that can be seen here.

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