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Panorama Faro: August

Faro, the Ibero-American cultural media alliance, returns this month with a new Panorama that brings together the highlights of August in the region. Each of these recommendations, plus an extended selection, can be found as always in our playlist, Panorama Iberoamericano on Spotify. Without further ado, we leave you with the highlights of Ibero-American music, curated by the media members of the alliance.

ARGENTINA / By Juampa Barbero / indie today

There must be a map - Maria Codino

In her long-awaited first album, Buenos Aires singer-songwriter María Codino ventures on a journey of personal and expressive exploration, immersed in a wide range of sonorities. This search is intertwined with travel experiences and geographical reflections, forming the conceptual basis of There must be a map. From situational songs, to poignant epics and some flashes of experimentation, the artist grapples with the collective emotions of a post-pandemic world, exuding confusion, contradictions and tenacious hope.

Produced by herself -and together with Estanislao López in three of the seven songs-, There must be a map emerges as a complete manifestation of her vision, being herself the artisan of each nuance, transmitting a spirit that exudes vitality and passion. With palpable authenticity, Codino immerses us in her artistic universe, guiding us through a labyrinth of sounds that resonate deep within our own emotions.

BRAZIL / By Leonardo Vinhas | Scream & Yell

Paranoar - YPU

Paranoarby YPU, is a couple's album (Ayla Gresta and Gustavo Halfeld), a band's album, an album of daring and reunion. It is an album born from the desire to purge the pain of the pandemic withdrawal syndrome, to clean the cobwebs that have settled in the libido with the suspension of life by confinement, to rediscover themselves after years of isolation, married life and ultra-right-wing dystopia. It is also the band's first album, after two EPs and a few singles, and the one that presents a totally new - almost radically new - sound. It is one of the most inventive debuts in current Brazilian music, with a unique blend of innocence and savvy that is only possible when seeking a deep and meaningful personal and artistic transformation, only without the dust of years on the road getting in the way of the creative gears. The album comes in an unprecedented partnership between Selo Scream & Yell and Monstro Discos, one of the most traditional labels of the Brazilian cultural scene, with free downloads, streaming and vinyl records. Not to be missed.

COLOMBIA / By Fabián Páez López

Re-evolution - Rancho Aparte

This is an album with history, grace and tradition condensed into 9 songs; lyrics with double meanings, jokes and stories of life in the countryside and the cities of the Colombian Pacific. Dino Manuelle, vocalist of the group, is like a truck that drags, lifts and shakes bodies. But to better understand what he is telling us, it is necessary to situate ourselves. The members of Rancho Aparte, which has more than 15 years of career, are from the department of Chocó, a rural area, mostly populated by black and indigenous communities. This is where the chirimía, a musical format inherited from European bagpipe music and reformed by the local communities with the use of drums, snares, drums, clarinets and euphoniums, was born and has spread to this day. It is a joyful, mischievous and party music wherever you look at it. That, among other more avant-garde games, is what Rancho Aparte plays. So if you want to know what happens when you drink the traditional liquor of the Pacific (viche), laugh or know how violence has affected the area (because it also has social criticism) listen to Re-evolución. As they say in Bundemente, when Rancho Aparte plays, the mood rises.

CUBA / By Magazine AM:PM

Deaf Ears - La Dame Blanche - Tiger Den Session

Open brass and drums in what sounds like a perfectly coordinated dance choreography. The bass completes the chase atmosphere. The electric guitar joins in. The tempo sets a fast pace. The orchestra over which La Dame Blanche begins to rap is ready. In a fierce struggle, her sharp tongue battles with the melody and rhythm, while pouring out lyrics that portray the weariness of this Island. "To foolish words, deaf ears," she finishes off. Yaité Ramos was crowned as a revelation in the Hispanic rap scene several years ago. Today, her single Deaf earsThe collaboration with Tigre Studio is testimony to the fact that his career is at the top of its game.

SPAIN / By Mondo Sonoro

My friends are of the same opinion - Sen Senra

Sen Senra released this August, almost by surprise, a new single entitled My friends are of the same opinion. Piece that acts as a bridge between the two volumes of his album. PO2054AZA brilliant outro, for the first one, and a perfect beginning for the sound universe he is building, for the second one. This new single, which does not exceed a minute and a half in length, serves Senra to show us that he is at his best compositional moment, in addition to becoming a delicate and strategic piece for his next steps, the track is accompanied by a teaser video filmed in his homeland, in which Senra mixes with nature and the sea, feeling free at all times. Although high expectations are placed on this second release, which will follow on from the first volume of PO2054AZWe are certain that the Galician will once again break the mold.

MEXICO / By AnaLi Rodríguez / Indie Rocks!

Magic Experience Band - Daniel Who

The native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Daniel Quién presents his new studio album Magic Experience Band. With the production of Oscar Daniel Hernandez and Victor Petrucci, the musician portrays a new sound stage that involves different layers of sounds and vocal textures that enrich the experience: a journey through the galaxy. A proposal full of psychedelia, bossa nova, with jazz bases, acoustic flashes and a lot of philosophy awaits you in this production of 17 songs that comes from the hand of Universal Music Mexico. Enjoy from Time is like a River I, until Weird Science and experience this sonic catharsis.

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