Cover Magazine AM: PM no. 2. Illustration: Mola.
Cover Magazine AM: PM no. 2. Illustration: Mola.

Magazine AM: PM no. 2

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15.03.2019 / Issues

There are 30 days until the start of the eighth and final season of game of Thrones. As of that moment, and during the next six weeks, nobody will pay attention to almost nothing in the matter of entertainment. For that reason, healing in health, we offer you from now the number 2 of our PDF that from the cover -bendito Edel Rodríguez Mola- he says "sanctified is your trova" to a Santiago Feliú who left five years ago.

To the collage of messages to and by Santi a profile of Chocolate MC is added that they are not going to be able to stop reading; a photo-report on the portable speakers, that fashion / curse to which we are condemned in Havana; and an interview with that magnificent Cuban and world musician who answers to the name of Kumar Sublevao Beat.

In this edition we bring you to:

  • The Gospel according to San Choco (Chronicle) - Darío Alejandro Alemán
  • The empires that reign in Las Vegas (Disassembling the night) - Susana Hernández Martín
  • Santiago fragmented (Testimonials)
  • The things (fragment of unpublished novel) - Roberto Carcassés
  • The Cuban scene in Toronto (Article) - Freddy Monasterio
  • Sounding as seen (without JG's permission) (Photoreport) - Alba León
  • Recording studios in Cuba. The great ones (Article) - Alfonso Peña
  • Do Cuban success lists work? (Report) - Javier Montenegro
  • Alexander Abreu and Habana D'Primera. Singing to the people (Review, CD) - Leannelis Cárdenas
  • Solid how in the old days? (Review, CD) - Lázara Laura Yllarramendiz Alfonso
  • Jazz Batá 2 from the Palau de la Música (Review, concert) - Rosa Marquetti
  • All (or almost all) Kumar's sublevaos beats (Interview) - Diana Ferreiro

They also collaborated: María José Sardiñas (editorial design), Mola, Román Alsina, Mayo Bous (illustrators); Michael Zender, Anna Encheva, NATHADREAD PICTURES, Trapton Music, Lorenzo Duaso, Ronald Salazar, Big (Ösay) and Aki (photographers).

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Magazine AM:PM

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