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Issues Magazine AM: PM no. 1

Magazine AM: PM no. 1

With this patriotic and desacralizador number we released the No. 1 of Magazine AM:PM. From the same cover, courtesy of the great Nelson Ponce, we advance several of the highlights of this edition.

From the co-authorship little spread of the National Anthem, the person behind the character that is Miss Dayana, the prying eyes of an alien in that fashion club that is the Olalá (ex Sarao) and much more talk in the magazine.

In this edition we bring you to:

  • The tears of Miss Dayana (Interview) - Mario Luis Reyes
  • A Cuban playlist for a more diverse time (Playlist) - Norge Espinosa
  • La Burke canta (Literatura feat. Music) - Sigfredo Ariel
  • Olalá that suits you (Disassembling the night) - Maykel González
  • Carnivals (Chronicle and Photo jam) - Jesús Jank Curbelo / Fernando Medina
  • The Bayamesa. A co-authorship to recognize (Special) - Julio César Guanche / Darsi Fernández / Rafa G. Escalona
  • The new one is stale of Septeto Santiaguero (Review, CD) - Rogelio Ramos
  • A Sara made of memories (Review, book) - Antonio López
  • Camila Cabello Cojímar - Miami - "Havana" (Review, CD) - Agapito Martínez
  • Enrique Carballea (Backstage) - Humberto Manduley
  • Where do I go if electronic music is what I want? - Ailén Rivero / María Costa Legón
  • Use of pre-existing music in audiovisuals (Consultorio Musical) - Darsi Fernández

Also collaborated: María José Sardiñas (editorial design), Mola, Román Alsina, Mayo Bous (illustrators).

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