Illustration: Mayo Bous
Illustration: Mayo Bous

Los Castes de AM: PM - Cast, the last cry of Cuban popular music

1 minuto / Magazine AM:PM

02.10.2020 / Podcast

It was a matter of time before an autochthonous expression derived from reggaeton was born in our country, and then the cast arrived. The christening, at least to which we were all invited, was Bajanda, the catchy song by Chocolate MC; and since then the cast has only grown and grown to become the omnipresent soundtrack of Cuban neighborhoods.

Of the origin, present and possible paths of this genre? we speak in the fourth episode of Los Casetes de AM: PM, in which Rafa G. Escalona talks with the musicologists Leannelis Cárdenas and Lalau Yllaramendiz, and the journalist Jesús Jank Curbelo, all regular contributors to the magazine. Along the way, several names come out such as Wampi, El Negrito & El Kokito & Manu Manu, Wildey, El Único, whose sounds grace this delivery.

Magazine AM:PM · Reparto, El último grito de la música popular cubana

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