Illustration: Mayo Bous
Illustration: Mayo Bous

The Cassets of AM:PM - The wild classics by Magazine AM:PM

2 minutos / Magazine AM:PM

24.07.2020 / Podcast

A few weeks ago two iconic authors of the popular song in the 20th century, Silvio Rodríguez and Bob Dylan, released two separate albums. This fact made us think about how we relate to the work of classical artists. And while we're at it, what is a classic?

With these ideas as a common thread, we launched into the third episode of Los cassettes de AM: PM, which this time brought together musicologist and cultural manager Carla Mesa, our collaborator Iván Egüed and actor Luis Alberto García.

Should those "savages" - as some of our guests preferred to call them, in an attempt to get away from the labels - reinvent themselves or die? Once again the old (and not dead) controversy of repetition or originality is discussed in those mainstream musicians we love so much.

So that the 49 minutes that follow, in addition to being delicious due to the debate that they provoke, function as a spring that brings us back to the work of many of the artists mentioned here. Because in the end, what is the life of a music lover without his "wild classics"?


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