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I luv it: the hyperpop and more innovative era of Camila Cabello

Two years of hiatus had to pass for Cuban singer Camila Cabello to return to the music industry in style. It is the premiere of her new single I luv ittogether with the rapper Playboi Carti, the starting point of a new musical era, where the singer of Havana not only has she left behind the commercial pop with Latin sounds that characterized her, but she has also changed her image for a platinum blonde mane.

I luv it is the first promotional track from their new, fourth studio album C, XOXOwhich, according to some insiderswill be released next summer. The lyrics and chorus of the single could be defined as a vibrant ode that celebrates the euphoria and supernatural essence of love, offering a more complex perspective on feelings and emotional attraction. This mix of metaphors and the singer-songwriter's personal experiences is joined by the sampling of Cockiness (Love It) of Barbadian star Rihanna and Lemonadeby rapper Gucci Mane, during the chorus of the song, a clear sign of the mixtape that will define this era.

It is a song that, for better or worse, marks a before and after in Camila Cabello's career. Its electronic sonorities together with a repetitive and catchy lyric, represent the perfect ingredients for the song to dominate the international charts. For this, the singer-songwriter resorts to the ingenuity of music producers Jasper Harris and Pablo Díaz-Reixa (better known as El Guincho), in order to delve into a genre little known in her artistic career: hyperpop.

It is a high-risk step, but it is evidence of Cabello's commitment to conquer a musical subgenre that many experts consider the future of commercial pop music. The Cuban singer can be criticized artistically for many things except for being repetitive and basic, if we are talking about music. The pop star's ability and talent to reinvent herself and experiment with new genres are demonstrated in each of her phonograms. Tracks such as Havana, Miss, Shameless, Donʼt go yet, Bam Bam and, now, I luv it are a sample of the musical and sonorous background of an artist who has been dealing with the changes and trends of the Anglo-Saxon music market and the pop industry in general since she was 15 years old.

During the process of listening to the single, it becomes noticeable that Camila Cabello leaves behind the typical melismas that characterize her vocal projection so far, in order to give relevance to electronic effects during the two minutes and 54 seconds of the song. The use of synthesizers and multiple mechanized tonalities provide the rhythm and the distinctive adrenaline of the sonorities that today triumph on challenges platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Beyond the commercial, I luv it is full of intense and saturated sounds in combination with constant melodies and BPMs -beats for minutes - tinged by pixelated vocals. A highlight are the trap verses by guest artist Playboi Carti, who melodically bathes the track with riffs The work has a markedly experimental and, at the same time, transgressive vibe in its market segment.

And since the formula for success in today's music industry is accompanied by visuals, the music video of I luv it fits perfectly with the song and, at certain moments, relegates it to the background. This time the visual seal is in charge of the Catalan production company CANADA, characterized by the high cinematographic flight of its audiovisuals, a quality that is not new in Camila Cabello's videography. Throughout the clip, there is a sequence of shots of the singer starring in multiple unusual situations, whose images suggest an almost supernatural experience, crazy and even random. All this takes place under an aesthetic reminiscent of the 2000s, with allusions to the city of Miami -his home- and passages of his personal life, as well as tracks referring to songs from his next studio album.

If one had to define this era of Camila Cabello with a term, it would be ambition, but the musical, artistic and commercial ambition that has led the singer to establish herself as a global pop star. On the subject, the Official Charts UK platform reported that I luv it represents one of the boldest and loudest artistic rebrandings in recent years. She claims that her success is based on the fact that she simply sounds and looks very different from what most expect a Camila Cabello song to sound like.

Each of the media's words is based on verifiable facts. Only eight hours of broadcasting were enough for the single reached more than 1.6 million streams on Spotify. The truth is that I luv it it's a smash hit in power. It scored the highest score in the iTunes song charts worldwide and in Europe, reaching positions five and six, respectively. All this happened while the song conquered the number one spot in the charts of 15 countries and reached the top 5 in the United States, to become the song with the most top positions in iTunes so far this year.

In a way, this is the way in which Camila Cabello intends to not only satisfy with new music to the camilizersbut also to capitalize on its presence to new audiences and to fan base worldwide. To paraphrase one of the verses from I luv itThe Cuban singer-songwriter is at her most supersonic, and is enjoying success in her own orbit.

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