The young Benny (comic)

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23.08.2019 / Others

We ask the cartoonist Iran Hernández-Castillo and the writer Sigfredo Ariel to tell us an anecdote of the life of Benny Moré, so full of them. Instead of giving us some of the well-known stories of the Barbarian of the rhythm, they decided to embark on a dreamlike journey to the origins of the legend of this universal musician, with whom we want to celebrate the centenary of the most popular of Cuban artists.

Irán Hernández-Castillo

El del gato en la cabeza. Fan a los perros.

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Sigfredo Ariel

(1962-2020). Autor de veinte libros de poemas, culpable de intrusismo en varias otras disciplinas: artes plásticas, guiones, periodismo. Obsesión: la frágil memoria de la música cubana.

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