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Raúl Marchena

I got hooked with the soundtrack of the song. And is that the orchestration of the work Contruçao of the great Chico Buarque is that: a soundtrack. I started watching that movie first. All possible narratives caught me one at a time or a thousand at each repetition of the song, while listening to it without stopping. Music alone was a movie. Abstract but that clearly exuded a deep anguish.  

Then I got what the movie called argument. The broadest idea of ​​the song. It came to me suddenly and without me deciding to understand anything about the lyrics. As I listened to her in Portuguese, I gradually understood. Suddenly my brain tied the parts, realized what was the subject of the song and told me. Already conscious, as well as out of nowhere, I said to myself: "Look what this was talking about". And I tried to understand the script.

Trying to see how they told me what I had discovered, I saw that it was difficult. It was a "rashomónico" script but in which each new vision of the story was counted in another plane of the understanding and although it appeared distorted and twisted, it counted the same. The intensity increased, but without more noise than before and with the same words. He spoke no longer of the basic history, but evaluated it with a strange sharpness: just as it presented itself cold and impartial, it shocked you to tears. Chico discovered the way to make, with a few changes, not only a man fall but everything, absolutely everything, began to fall apart, but not from there from where before, but from another increasingly dark place of the human soul ...

I listened to her all the time for hours without stopping. Later I learned of the moment when the song and its history were made. After, all the work of Chico Buarque: great, essential. Anyway. I listened to it all the time and since then I have not been able to do it without being moved; I get carried away again by all levels of the film and I cry inconsolably.

If I had to leave without remedy and I was given to choose two songs this would be one: Construçao. I really write it.

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  1. leo elias says:

    Construçao, I really would not take her, she consumes me. Like a melancholy aberration, I return to it and fall like a bird without wings. No, I would not take it, scares such a company. I share your tears, to stay in the place where I cry.
    Construçao is made to annihilate us. Thanks for the text, I hope you come back to this space with such big and intimate things.

  2. leo elias says:

    It floated through the air like a bird, eyes dull with cement and tears. There I stayed, and I return: loved that time as if it were the last. I can not understand how Chico could get there, and the music causing vertigo. A thousand thanks for the text and I hope more samples of your intimacy with the music.

  3. Darsi says:

    Y la otra? Cuál sería la otra que te llevarías?

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