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Underrated Cuban Musicians

They are dedicated to the "undervalued" Cuban musicians The AM:PM cassettes this Monday. Musical history shows that many artists, for various reasons and despite their talent and aesthetic quality, go unnoticed before the general public, critics or cultural institutions. His music becomes knowledge of niches and does not transcend as the musical proposal, in this case, deserves.

Is the possible undervaluation happening because your music is too ahead or behind its time? Is it just a matter of timing? Do political and cultural interests mediate for the artist to become, or not, a mass phenomenon? What is the role of the media? How important is the preservation of musical historical memory for the future recognition of artists? What do Arsenio Rodríguez, Gema and Pável, Noel Nicola, El Noro, Mongo Santamaría, Roly Berrío, Nacional Electrónica have in common?

These are some of the questions asked by the collector René Espí, our collaborator Iván Igüed and Rafael Valdivia, a member of the editorial board of our magazine - melómanos all -, who were invited by our director Rafa G. Escalona to this fifth episode that arrives now from República Records studios. A podcast that is no longer in quarantine, but that continues to make our lives happier on difficult days.

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