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Others Detail of the Loinga Festival 2019 poster, dedicated to Ela O' Farril and the tenth. Photo: courtesy of the Longina Festival. Detail of the poster of the Loinga Festival 2019, dedicated to Ela O 'Farril and the tenth. Photo: courtesy of the Longina Festival.

Tenth throws: anteroom of the Longina Festival

Between January 9 and 13, Villa Clara will become, thanks to the Longina Festival, a huge concert hall for the troubadour song, where the composer Ela O'Farril and the musical version of the tenth will be celebrated. And since the warm-up of engines that musicians Roly Berrío, Diego Gutiérrez, Jorgito Kamankola, Raúl Marchena and Reidel Bernal “Fito” have starred in the networks seems so timely, we share these funny “shootings” with you.

Controversy between Roly Berrío and Diego Gutiérrez

Roly Berrío:

Next to Robocop and Rambo
Diego Gutierrez seeks
enroll in madness
to resuscitate the Mambo.
Dancing has put on zambo;
shoes Louis and Jeans Lois,
already rode in a Rolls Royce:
Latin Grammy, limousine!
And he says he imagines
"The sixth" in the Backstreet Boys.

Diego Gutiérrez:

If dogs are barking
It's a sign that I'm riding ...
to show what I'm worth
I do not need frontmen.
Throw me with all the irons
that here is a man, carijo !.
It was said by someone who said it
(Was not Machado Ventura ???)
«Pa' nojotro la curtura
it has no fixed moment ».

The Boy Bands are not my thing
Because I never distinguish them:
Lennon, George, McCartney and Ringo
They are my boys, Berrio.
Of your tenth I laugh
When the Minister elevates it.
Your Longina will be brief
If the Agency applies to you
The sanction for intrusion
With three forty-nine.

Very bad people that you are
(Bad as well as hearing loss)
To compare my music
With that of the Back Street Boys.
Neither Maluma nor Prince Royce
They match me in propaganda.
A Sting and NG La Banda
And even Silvio gives the bat
Well my guru is CHOCOLATE
So, Roly ... BAJANDA !!!

Roly Berrío:

Same as Cheo Malanga !!!
Guty: BAJANDA !!! scream
and the nengre became engorged
throwing him burundanga:
You messed with the gang
and the bargain is respected.
Roly grabbed a flip-flop
and solar pa'l was thrown away.
Vamo'a see who is going to finish
at the bottom of the drawer.

Diego Gutiérrez:

Diego Gutierrez tip
a devastating blow!
Give your friend the troubadour
a sprain on the spine
dorsal, which dismantles it,
It leaves a lame leg
already a tooth is loosened
al Roly, that turulato
scream: let me go mulatto!
I have a red face

Roly Berrío:

I refuse to answer
opportunistic tenths
based on naming artists
famous for climbing
In the sea is squid
In the mountain is chameleon
It's alley mouse
It is man who has toto
To the chest he has a scrotum
and he calls it heart.

Diego Gutiérrez:

I am not a judge of language
much less a censor
but, Roly, troubadour,
do not make me dirty.
The controversy is not
space for an ESCROT
nor easy rhyme with TOTO.
Famous artist??? Think !!!:
Keep it up and soon in the press
They are going to publish your photo.

You would be a good writer
of tenths and prose
but you lack one thing:
the sense of humor.
A joke made without rancor
It puts the atmosphere tasty.
Do not get bellicose
and relax and cooperate.
You have a whole life left
to suffer while I enjoy.

Controversy between Jorgito Kamankola (Kamankola) and Raúl Marchena / Reidel Bernal "Fito".

Raúl Marchena and Reidel Bernal «Fito»:

Adolfo Alfonso in a scream
He told Justo Vega:
«The Longina is no longer stuck
because they do not have Fito ».
Now they have Jorgito
Kamankola who is a rapper
that at Longina every January
it's getting head
but pa 'to pay beer
He never has money.

Jorgito Kamankola:

I could make songs,
teacher Lulo Marchena,
that you sing like a hyena
in front of a sea of flattery;
But I'm rapper, cojones !!!
that does not denigrate a friend
How do you do. You go of navel
and umbilical cord.
Your absence at the festival
It is my happiness and your punishment.


Kamankola are my friend
rapper and great troubadour
a fine improviser
what I try to have with me
I appreciate you very much and I tell you
I love you every January
coming to Longina; but
bring the thick wallet
because to pay beer
you never have money.


This time dear friend
Nor will I go to Longina
And although the soul is overpowered
My verse will be with you
In Buenos Aires or in Vigo
In a sea or in a dam
I will make my rap certainty
And from this distance crying
So you do not bother so much
With the fucking beer.


Now I answer in the same
strong tone and without relaxation.
That this is tenth fuck!
and never account for yourself.
You will fall Jorge to the abyss
deep of this diatribe.
You will not get me to be shocked
to not make a snub
you're going to need a lot of air
before my voice forbids you.

Final by Alito Abad:

They are for the pooch
Roly, Raul Marchena and Fito
shooting at Dieguito
that this year has done a lot.
To the good of Kamankola
they also gave him with desire
if this Longina is leveled
troubadours like these
they will leave very badly
to the Cuban tenth.


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