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The tornado, the city and its musicians

The Havana nights of January 27 are usually full of youthful charm, of college students who come from all corners of the city and concentrate on the steps of the University of Havana to go down, torch in hand, with a mixture of inertia and enthusiasm to the old quarry where the José Martí child died and the 16-year-old adult Martí was born. The Havana night of January 27, 2019, however, was very different.
After 8:00 p.m. and not even a single Cuban could foresee it, a F4 category tornado (of five in all) crossed several of the most precarious neighborhoods of the Cuban capital.

The deep pit that caused the tornado in the municipalities of Diez de Octubre, Regla, and Guanabacoa is the most devastating meteorological phenomenon that the city has experienced in many decades, and at the same time that it showed the preexisting instability of certain areas, it took the best of the citizen. Thousands of Cubans turned to different kinds of aid, donating their time, their goods and resources at the most critical moments. The days have passed and the affected areas begin to show signs of recovery. Just signs, it will take years to restore what in many cases came damaged long before. Beside The Shaker, Spanish podcast very close to the music of our region, we tell this story of shadow and light, by the hand of some artists such as Inti Santana, Haydée Milanés, Athanai Castro and Daymé Arocena, who like many other Cubans came at that difficult time shoulder next to the needy.

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