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The summer song

Is summer itself a commonplace? With this question in mind, the participants of the fifteenth episode of Los Cassettes de AM:PM talk about that unrecognized institution that is "the song of the summer", the one that the audiences establish in their tastes and that inevitably sounds in any beach bar , almendrón or device to accompany hot days, sun, and rest? 

About the origins of the term, the contests that are held on purpose in the world —and in Cuba—, about the archetypal concept of “summer song”, going through a ranking Updated on the undeniable successes of these months, Rafa G. Escalona talks with members of our team: Darsi Fernández, Danko Rosete, Lorena Sánchez and Rafael Valdivia. Is the song of the summer a marketing tool? Are there summer songs in both the northern and southern hemispheres? Does the globalization of cultural consumption make the impact of a theme easier so that it becomes the song of the summer? 

What follows is a refreshing episode that seeks to vindicate enjoyment. Although we melt in the attempt. 

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