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Reviews Cover fragment of the album La republica repartera. Cover fragment of the album La republica repartera.

The delivery republic / Chocolate MC

He doesn't even need to release albums because, after all, he released this one a month ago and now he's starting it off with a song outside of the track list: up to the box, which in three weeks has 175K on YouTube, which a lot of people followed on Instagram because the video came with challenge and that another pile of people already uses as a catchphrase on the street.

But it is always necessary to release records. So on February 17, his 30th birthday, Chocolate MC released the delivery republic (Buya Music Productions, 2021), which he said would make the cast a place in the entertainment industry and in "the history of the global urban genre" (from what I understand from the cover, where he poses crowned in front of a burning medieval kingdom, the real plan is to occupy that place in history, and in the process sneak a few, always as subjects, always in the queue).

The Republic… open with an idea tremendous turn on, a theme from 2011: "A while ago I was a fan like you, but you made me what I am today." And then Chocolate chronicles “how his mother gave him the talent to be the first”, that he is heir to the legacy of Elvis Manuel, and that, in essence, he is the king, the only president, the best, the toughest, most complete and most capable of morfa, that Cuban version of reggaeton.

Chocolate has records to fill several shelves because they are as easy for him as putting together a few songs, and for him making songs is as easy as standing in front of a microphone and downloading the cue effect.

What happens is that there must be a point, for an artist like Chocolate, the head of a genre underground that it is trying to reach other leagues, where music must be taken seriously and conceive and release a mature album to the world.

In The Republic…, the Intro He closes by swearing by Elvis that you (who knows who, presumably Yomil and El Chulo) don't hit a song anymore. And then:

Theme 2: the same, I invented the genre and you envy me.

Topic 3: I'm with a tremendous turn on and I was the one who taught you and you don't remember (feat. Manu Manu).

Topic 4: I don't look like you, but there is a pile that looks like me (feat. Physical).

In short, there comes a time when one gets bored with so much ego and so much fire towards nowhere. Even Chocolate himself gets bored and releases a love theme in the fifth, which ends with the pattern that you know that I give you birth. And in case it wasn't clear, in issue 6, with Anubix and El Micha, he explains that he's good, good, good and there's no one to stop him.

The worst thing about this is not even that he repeats it so much, the worst thing about this is that he doesn't show it. He spends more than half of the songs without variations in the melodies, which is sad, because he has been the most creative melodic in the genre for years.

In an album with distribution and more distribution, with few variations in the structures and even in the plugin, boring that the protagonist spends too much time without taking risks.

On an album full of second parts of songs that worked without him (Spell of Wildey, black pussy of Kimiko and Yordy, mess is mess of El Úniko), or with him, but a truckload of time ago (Sex with Jackal and Jakarta, titanica with Harryson), a king-president cannot afford to shine less than his guests (his subjects, in the kingdom of his record).

One has, in the case of these remixes, the feeling that they were not needed.

Chocolate, however, is still a good rapper. Have a flow enviable that he could boast and that he only uses in Pelagathus, the trap that closes the album, tiraera against Yomil and El Chulo: 

“I changed your tactic / this for me is a simple practice / in this I am your grandfather / I have ice on my neck / from Antarctica”.

Seven minutes of continuous rapping where, in addition to shooting and strutting, playing with rhymes and metrics, clowning over the instrumental like the great MC that he is, he has verses to remember Los Sitios, hunger, the pain caused by lack of dollars: more interesting and substantial topics, with a flow and more interesting and substantial wit and sincerity than the previous 20 songs.

“In a dungeon without light, with a piece / of old bread that I had placed on top of a glass / with a pencil butt composing in a Bible / building the future of my family”.

If Chocolate made an entire record with the same bomb Pelagathus, he would probably be nominated for a Grammy that he dreams of dedicating to Elvis Manuel.

Listen the delivery republic here.

Jesus Jank Curbelo Neighborhood Journalism Reporter. Columnist in El Toque and Hypermedia Magazine. He has published Los Perros (novel, 2017). More posts

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