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Cubans at the Grammys

The Latin Grammies arrive.

Green carpet Academy.

The Industry rewards

To the genuine talents.

Cuba, with its fine seals

(Hummingbird, Páfata, EGREM

and others), fight in the Top Ten

(Alpha and Beta, Omega and Gamma)

because on the island of Granma

Grammys fit too.

Among the candidatures

to Better Urban Song

There is a Cuban piece

that has reached the heights.

Among so many scores,

voice and arrangement and staff

many pursue fame

of a statuette in the hand

and the Cuban candidate

is… Andy Clay, by My bed.

And the candidate is

as a living proposal.

in Alternative music:

the disc Arará Force.

Will the Grammy bring it?

Will the statue be here?

We all think so.

And they laugh in a healthy way,

Telmary and HabanaSana,

(Hummingbird Productions).

The Best Salsa Album

It also tastes good.

"Cantor de pueblo", a singer

that any town enhances,

that with a clean voice, barefoot,

shudders hearts.

Candidate (and with reasons)

Alexander Abreu (Fieraaaaaa!)

and his Havana D 'Primera,

(from Páfata Productions).

And it's in the category

Tropical Traditional

an exceptional album,

tribute he deserved

the music that was made

in times of austere art.

Alberto the Canary, I hope

that you win, although I know

that if not ... it saysTo me what!

he Septeto Santiaguero.

Y Omara always, as well

is in the final stretch

Tropical Traditional

with productions EGREM.

Omara always. Sway

of Grammys reaching the bottom.

Omara always in the deep

of the clearest admiration.

Candidate? Always Omara.

always Omara Portuondo

As Tropical Fusion

There are two Cubans too

Palante the mambo! (the EGREM),

Diego Gutiérrez, triumphal.

And of course, great

that this work is not alone.

The triumph that is flying

(Top Stop Music, without fear)

he's going Like finger ring

to the great Aymeé Nuviola.

Cuba has always been there.

And jazz always. Worship. Fine.

For that in the Latin Jazz

Jazz Back To The Sunset, Yeah!

As best album and

sample of its exquisiteness.

In Latin Jazz Grammy is

caiman candidate

Dafnis Prieto and his Big Band,

From Dafnison Music, Yeeees!

As Work / composition

contemporary classic

for his great miscellany

and classic projection,

for its clean execution

and musical pedigree,

String Cuartet Number Three

(in memory of Beethoven),

What ancient young music!

Also candidate: ¡Síiiiii!

Beethoven in our land.

Beethoven that is yours and mine.

From the album Soul with Brio

(composer Yalil Guerra).

In this disc it is enclosed

the music that illuminates

a genuine production

who aspires to the Latin Grammy

and what he had, how divine,

from interpreter to The Catrina

As you can see, Cuba walks

by light and not lost:

Green alligator, green carpet,

Granma and Granmy in a Latin voice.

The music lights up.

Music raises hands

Guitars, drums, pianos,

Voices, keys ... Happy Guild!

Now being a candidate is Prize

Congratulations, Cubans!

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