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Articles Suylen Milanes. Photo: Courtesy of PM Records Cultural Institution. Suylen Milanes. Photo: Courtesy of PM Records Cultural Institution.

Suylen Milanés, a life at another speed

I imagine Suylen Milanés Benett as a hyperactive girl, one of those creatures that takes teachers out of the way and causes more visits from parents to the school than the rest of the sisters combined in the entire course. Of those that are written down in how many extracurricular activities there are, to see if they can get her to arrive tired, to calm down, to find something that interests her enough to be quiet for a while. With an enormous sensitivity not entirely evident to strangers, I then imagine her as a rebellious, difficult, against traffic. And so, in the setting of a large, close-knit family like hers, I suspect she was a very strong presence, one who was adored by all for her warmth and genuineness. 

Only one of Pablo Milanés' daughters has not just left. Not only one of Yolanda's three daughters, that big woman who inspired one of the most beautiful songs in our language. Not only the sister of the singers Haydée and Lynn Milanés or Liam's jimagua. Nor will it be fair for the younger generations to remember her only as the mother of Pablito Rentería and Camila Guevara, the girl who, some say, will be the talk of Cuban song in the coming years.

Pablo Milanes, Camila Guevara and Suylen Milanes

Suylen Milanés with her father, Pablo Milanés, and her daughter, Camila Guevara. Photo: Social networks of Suylen Milanés.

Suylen was a woman like a temple. A complete daughter. An unorthodox but loving mother. A healthy, enthusiastic and persevering athlete. A bulletproof friend, faithful “until home”. A gifted and highly tuned singer who, in my opinion, never believed in herself enough to dedicate herself professionally to a serious solo career. 

He studied voice and choral conducting at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory and a short time later he was part of Mario Daly's band in its most pop era, when the name of the group was spelled Montespuma. With him he recorded in 1994 the album Scandal! But it didn't last long there. She didn't know how to sit still for long periods of time. She fell in love and gave birth young. He sang, yes, all the time. She had in her DNA the musicality of the Milanés and a facility for the almost impossible task of doing second and third voices, which she came up with as a common friend would say "like I was on vacation." She appears as a guest voice and backing vocalist on many late 20th century and early 20th century albums; but, although he always had plans for it and his exquisite repertoire of learned songs would have given him enough for several, he never released an album of his own. In the last stage in Cuba of the Tesis de Menta group, she stood out as a vocalist, and a couple of years ago she was determined to carry out what would be the first female Cuban rock group, Somos, which won the Cuerda Viva award at the event of the television program. Music was undoubtedly one of her passions, but she either lacked confidence or was too restless to take it seriously. I recently saw a concert of his on YouTube as part of the Yarini's Sessions and, again, even though everything is musically correct, I got the impression that she didn't quite believe it, that it was as if she was “playing at being a singer”.

Suylen Milanés during a concert at the Eyeife Festival, in 2019. Photo: Courtesy of Institución Cultural PM Records.

Suylen Milanés during a concert at the Eyeife Festival, in 2019. Photo: Rolo Cabrera / Courtesy of Institución Cultural PM Records.

But some time ago he had found other ways of living through and for music. At the closing of the Pablo Milanes Foundation, together with her sister Lynn, Suylen took over the management and cultural entrepreneurship baton and gradually took charge, first of PM Records and then of the full-fledged cultural project that has continued to be PM ever since. . There he probably found the definitive space to play and dream. And, like the restless girl she never stopped being, she did so surrounded by a team of faithful collaborators, almost all of them personal friends. In the last five years, with exemplary determination and more than evident results, he dedicated himself to shaping the Propositions, Proelectrónica and then Eyeife festivals, the latter being the only ones of their kind in Cuba. 

Suylen has ceased to exist at the age of 50. With the intensity that he lived, each year of his life can be compared to five of any, let's say, normal person. I will remember her with her contagious joy, with her funny “political incorrectness”, as a person “without filters”, all the time “discharging” in a positive way. The people who in recent days were watching her life, called her "strong woman", "powerful", "warrior" on social networks. There are people who live short lives, but especially passionate and full, as if at another speed. Like Suylen Milanés Benett. 

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  1. Marlen Silva says:

    nice chronicle!

  2. Miriam Leiva says:

    My deepest condolences. Miriam Leiva, independent journalist, Havana

  3. Gisela says:

    Bella this chronicle, although it narrates a resume of someone who has gone to another dimension, allows Suylen to say goodbye with the same joy and the imprint of an intense, bold and empirical being. Good trip for her and thanks to Darsi, for allowing us to be part of this beautiful, see you later.

  4. Elbyta Torres says:

    Chronic magic, that's how I remember it, always fast!

  5. Graciela Morales says:

    Thank you Darsi. Excellent chronicle and nice farewell. Sad Sunday for those of us who admire Suylen's work. My condolences to family and friends

  6. Enma Rodriguez says:

    For me it was surprising to know about her… 22 years ago I live in another country, obviously she was the creator of things and other things and many more (understand creative leaps that according to the article, I do not take seriously as a career)
    Unfortunate loss for Cuba.
    My deepest condolences to everyone in the family.

  7. Susana Ángela Borges says:

    A lyric that makes any reader blink because it carries the duality of a good narration: Passion and Knowledge about what is written….That the intensity of the physical loss equates the spiritual presence in Cuban musical culture.

  8. Hilds says:

    Bravo dear l

    So she was intense, beautiful,
    delivered, volcanic. Special.
    And be of light that wherever you are you will continue to make a fuss and revolutionize the sky

  9. Mardes says:

    excellent chronicle

  10. David López Ximeno says:

    Very sad his death. Many solidarity with our Dear Pablo

  11. Wili Jiménez Torres says:

    Thank you Darsi! Late but for always we met this WOMAN!

  12. Lea Cárdenas says:

    A few days ago, just over two weeks ago we found ourselves in a download where I had to sing. I think I will not forget the nice words he dedicated to me after listening to me!!! How difficult when good people leave and are so full of life. Eternal light Suylen!!!

  13. Ivette Cepeda says:

    I always loved her voice... and I told her several times... Real girl... Look how beautiful you sing... But it's true she went at another speed... after other lights... everything will make her unforgettable... But today we are sad... For her... For her parents... For what could have been... The more I think about it, the sadder I am. Beautiful chronicle Darsi .. Thank you

  14. Francisco says:

    Your life chronicle penetrated, in the end, I felt that I knew her, without ever having seen her, except in some television video. Let it fly high!

  15. Ana says:

    Nice chronicle about Suylen who left us with many dreams and incomplete projects, a warrior.

  16. Lourdes says:

    Excellent text, full of feeling to remember it as it was. Strength for the whole family.

  17. humberto says:

    light for suylén, my condolences to family and friends. He left his mark and work.

  18. Elena Maldonado says:

    Excellent chronicle about Suylen, her departure hurts us a lot.

  19. Yaquelin molinet beltran says:

    EPD light for his spirit and my condolences to family and friends 😢

  20. Rita says:

    Nice remembrance of Suylen Milanés

  21. Rosa Marquetti says:

    Impossible to describe her better and to ponder her passions so fairly, her gift for people, and her dedication to and for music. Thank you Darsi. Thanks, AMPM Magazine

  22. Débora says:

    Beautiful writing and tribute to a Milanese with capital letters

  23. Eva González says:

    THANK YOU. There are magical people who DO wonders on their way...

  24. Angel Quintero says:

    Beautiful li I read. Congratulations!!!

  25. Yamilin Ventura says:

    Beautiful chronicle, Darsi…light for Suylen…my condolences to her family…everything is very sad and unexpected…may she rest in peace!

  26. Juan Carlos Formell says:

    A masterful writing that does justice to the great figure of Suylen, all of us who were able to share with her know that this modest chronicle is the best tribute to her true self, thanks to Darsi ay AM PM for giving us this gift of love and light for this Princess who left us so soon to the paradise of those who fulfilled their mission on the earth plane.

  27. Hamile says:

    beautiful chronicle I remember Pablo's restless jimaguas who were in my handball group at the El Martí Sports Center. How much energy those girls had. Nice. They were going to a million. They were five years younger than me but they integrated well into the group. Later I listened to Suylen in a Cuerda Viva show and I recognized her vitality. Thank you chronicler for letting me get to know her more.

  28. Victoria Romay says:

    Sad news, my deepest condolences to parents, family and friends. and that she EPD

  29. Annia Rodríguez says:

    The death of any human being is painful, especially when you are full of life and want to continue living it fully. I can't imagine how his family and closest friends will feel…it must be devastating. My sincerest condolences to them. But on the other hand... the one that touches me as a doctor... I wonder... what led to the rapid and tragic death of that woman in full. What pathology ..could have caused a cerebrovascular accident…and subsequent cerebral edema that could not be treated even in the neurology institute itself…we would have to see how long he had been feeling bad…I know it sounds morbid…but there are causes and reasons that when are transparent can be of help and timely advice to patients or people who present the same picture. Whatever...Peace for your family...Light for your soul.

  30. Juan Pin Vilar says:

    The most authentic: No filter.
    And by way of cultivating myself in my ignorance, what does Hyperbinding mean?

  31. Nancy Gonzalex Arzols says:

    very nice and accurate comment

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