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stories of sound engineers

That in this magazine we love graphic design is no secret to anyone. That we like to tell stories in the form of vignettes and comics, either; and even more so when they are stories as funny and unusual as the ones brought to us on this occasion by sound artists such as Alfonso Peña, Daelsis Pena and Maykel Bárzagas. To complete the magic, we call on Darién Sánchez, a designer trained in the quarries of the legendary Camaleón group, and with a marked career in engraving, illustration and animation. He knew how to give life to these anecdotes, hidden in the memories of his protagonists, with a very authentic dose of creativity.


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  1. Jessica says:

    The stories are super funny, I know some of the protagonists, I imagined everything!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Milenio says:

    This is very beautiful. We want more stories told like this. It's addictive.

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