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Sound map of Havana

Each person has different musical tastes that go the same way for romantic songs and reggaeton as for rumba, guaguancó, k-pop, rancheras, among other genres. People, in the same way, choose different times and places to listen to that music that they are passionate about. They sit on the narrowest sidewalks, they meet to talk on the corners, they do business in the portals, they walk through the middle of the street, or they enjoy a sunset on the Malecón wall; always with headphones or a speaker connected. 

In 2019 our magazine inaugurated a section that explored, as an audiovisual, the musical tastes of Cubans, those who made up the sound map of the neighborhood. Three years later, we return with this episode exclusively for the edition of Music Meeting Cuba Upside Down. Now, the radar is widening and, camera in hand, we visit different places in Havana to find out what Havanans listen to and discover, perhaps, some songs that they give back to us through their advice.

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