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Reviews Cover of the album "Solar", by Ogguere.

Solar / Ogguere

On top of those beautiful arrangements -mambo, jazz, rumba, all there is-, of that well executed music, sounds that flow flat, boring, tedious and lack of Edrey's charisma.

Edrey Riverí is, alone, Ogguere, a rap group that did not do well in rap due to lack of strength in the 90s, when hungry rappers gave philosophical and political discourses without shoes. Ogguere came to merge with mambo and choirs made by Robertón and Haydeé Milanés; Ogguere came to tell us how the yogurt was. They did well in that. They finished two albums: Llena de amor el mambo (2008) and Solar (2013). They vanished later. Now it turns out that Edrey, in full 2019, appears with a reprint of the Solar that.

In the presentation, in Beta Music, the studio where it was recorded, they praise the mastering (how good it sounds), praise the featurings (Alain Daniel, David Torrens, Mayra Caridad Valdés and a long, long list). Edrey sitting with nervous laughter, with tie and hat.

Says Alejandro Zamora, rap archivist, that this record "constitutes a chronicle that synthesizes the hardships and positive outbursts of an era" and that "that dimension is part of the evolutionary concept to which Ogguere has accustomed us". I'm hearing songs like "I do not want to lose you, woman" and "that sweet little thing, nené, that crazy thing / while I kiss your mouth". And I'm doing everything possible to understand Edrey, who raps as if whispering, has an Irish accent and a way to break the words to make them fall in time that, thank heaven, decades ago was overcome in rap; I am trying so hard to understand that I even forget how rich the bassist is playing, or the effect of the piano.

And it happens that when I understand a verse is talking about "fill with kisses" and "touch you as you like," that "in Matanzas / health reaches."

Zamora says it is a cult record.

The most boring song on the album, Mataron a Fredy, a social harangue, is the only one where Edrey sings alone (and that they did an interesting funk arrangement). There is another, Voy a hablar (featuring Julito Padrón, David Suárez and Juan Carlos Marín) where Edrey does not open his mouth. I confirm that this record would have been a magnificent instrument. The song that gives the album title (Alexander Abreu on the trumpet) is stereotype: santería, mulata, domino, barbecues, and some other things: "bread with hotdog, bread with sponge cake", "I don't like the sea, I like the pool / so hey, look, go to your corner ".

In the presentation, he is telling the story of each one of the songs. He says that he included Bola de Nieve because, in his opinion, he was a rapper (the intro of Bola de Nieve is the best vocal performance of the album); that this is the story of when I was a child but later when I went to Canada ...; that he invited Daymé Arocena because Osdalgia failed him. He is trying to be as funny as he tries to be in songs; it doesn't work. I get up and I leave. That gentleman with a tie and hat has nothing to do on a solar.


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    I did not know that this magazine published things as misplaced as this one.

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