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Music Scene Photo: Nacho Vazquez. Photo: Nacho Vazquez.

rocktros in the crowd

Participate in a rock concert -particularly of the more subgenres heavy or extremes and in large open spaces—becomes a visual experience very different from the one perceived in stagings of other musical manifestations where calm, intimate pleasure, reflection, measured reaction prevail...

In the case of yore, the observer is trapped in the central divider of a two-way highway where there is a risk of being run over by the unbridled traffic of mental states, codes, and diverse reactions to the same stimulus. That which ranges from the individual to the tribal, from synergy to ostracism, creating a single performative phenomenon that summons the eye of the thrill seeker to divide its attention between what happens on stage and what bounces off the audience, now a single scene. The pupil searches the byways of so many different moods and the photographer transmutes, from the viewer and his own sensory experience, into a sociocultural anthropologist.


Nacho Vazquez Nacho Vazquez Self-taught photographer and designer with several personal and collective exhibitions. Also involved in the graphic image of the Cuban record industry. Since May 1996 he has been an independent creative dedicated to advertising. More posts

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  1. Javier Rodríguez says:

    A great visual artist and a complete scholar in the field of rock music, especially the one made on this island, with a very affective bond with Extraño Corazón and several epic sessions. From here our thanks and our best wishes.

  2. Janet says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Nacho! Spot on with the description.

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