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Introducing Maggie

Maggie is the new scholar of our magazine and resides On our facebook page now on its own Facebook page. You can answer some questions about Cuban music. And it does it 24 × 24. Maggie is a robot. She still doesn´t know much and you have to be patience. But she is very willing to learn.

These days she only answers questions about the Lucas Awards, about the award ceremony. If you still do not know which videos are nominated in any category, or if you want to know all the prizes that your favorite artist is something you can ask her.

Maggie can understand questions similar to these:

What are the nominated videos?

What are the videos nominated in rock?

In what categories is the Nostalgia video nominated?

In what categories are Los Locos Tristes nominated?

In what categories is Ray Fernández nominated?

Sometimes she surprises herself and manages to answer other things deeper or more complicated.

Maggie was born from the collaboration between Magazine AM:PM and, an enterprise dedicated to the Processing of Natural Language and Artificial Learning. We exhort you to try to communicate with her and have fun using her.

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