Osmani Espinosa. Foto: El Cartel Studio. Tomada de la página de Facebook del artista.
Osmani Espinosa. Foto: El Cartel Studio. Tomada de la página de Facebook del artista.

Playlist: Songs from the secret office

2 minutos / Osmany Espinosa

18.03.2020 / Playlists

My selection of themes, in some way, is divided into three points. First, a pretty rocky part, because when I was younger, the music I always listened to was rock, despite the fact that today I am associated with reggaeton. My favorite songs were many, but there are two that, for some reason, remained: Always, by Bon Jovi, and I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, that song from Aerosmith who was on the soundtrack for Armageddon. Within black music —which also sounded in those days— everyone's idol: Michael Jackson. Although I liked almost all his songs, Billy Jean came to me in another way: by the way it entered my body, by the harmony (although I discovered it when I still didn't know what It was the music). It is the same case of Dr. Dre, who fascinated me in street gangster hip hop. There is California Love with Tupac Shakur. A great theme, without a doubt. Then there is Love the Way You Lie, by Eminem with Rihanna, which I remember I even had in tone on those first cell phones that existed.

I include some themes of mine. I have written things with a slightly more pop style of urban music that I found interesting such as El Bombazo (Alex Duvall feat. Yomil and El Dany) and Que suenen los tambores (Laritza Bacallao). From my work I would also add ballads like O él o yo (Mayco D'Alma), which is one of my favorites, or Infiel (Divan feat. Jacob Forever), who can classify within the romantic urban genre.

To close the playlist I propose Resident, whom I consider the exponent of lyrics in the urban genre. Why do I include Bellacoso? Because it mixes with Bad Bunny, the most hated by elitists within the music industry. However, Resident sends a huge message with this union: do not be guided by the letters that Bad Bunny writes, there is a great artist behind and that's why I put him to collaborate with me.

Osmany Espinosa

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