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Songs for a city with a sad name

Since last August 5, the sun has not been seen in Matanzas. The fire at the Super Tanker Base is a nightmare that has impacted the lives of the western city. The worst is the uncertainty. Although the force of the flames is already beginning to subside, we do not know what the magnitude of the environmental impact will be for our ecosystem, we do not know what implications this will have for an economy that is already in crisis. 

In the midst of so much pain and uneasiness, we are happy to see how expressions of solidarity from foreign governments, institutions and civil society actors inside and outside the country are being activated. Inspired by those kind gestures, we made this playlist with songs that in one way or another are connected with the so-called City of Bridges. We are aware that at this time most of the residents of Matanzas are not in a position to listen to it, but we would like it to serve to remind the world that all forms of help are welcome, and we dream that, the day after, the inhabitants of the city can celebrate the end of the worst part of the disaster and celebrate the triumph of life. As always, then the music will be there to make us a little happier and, in this case, to remember how loved this city with its sad name has been.

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