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Playlists Illustration: Mayo Bous from a photo of Guido Adler. Illustration: Mayo Bous from a photo of Guido Adler.

Playlist: Eduardo Cabra’s favorite Cuban songs

Eduardo Cabra is known in Cuba especially for being one of the two halves that composed the famous Puerto Rican duo Calle 13. But Cabra is much more, he is an outstanding composer and multi-instrumentalist, with a broad and successful career as a music producer, who he has been the producer with the most nominations and awards in the history of the Latin Grammy.

He has collaborated with artists as diverse as Diana Fuentes, Vicente Garcia, Shakira, La Vida Boheme, Monsieur Periné, Chambao, Gustavo Cordera, and Jorge Drexler, among others. Cuba is linked by family and aesthetic ties, so it's no surprise that we wanted to start this section with a selection of his favorite Cuban songs.

The list, delicious, confirms that it is one of the most exquisite music lovers who has walked the continent in this century.

Mace, by Silvio Rodríguez

I should have cried, by Freddy

I was born Orishas, by Freddy

Coffee, by William Vivanco

The conga of Juana, by Kelvis Ochoa

Habáname, by Carlos Varela

Aguanile Boncó, by Irakere

Cómo fue, by Beny Moré

Iceberg, by Santiago Feliú

Lo material, by Elena Burke

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