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Playlist: The favorite Cuban humor songs of Eduardo del Llano

I love humorous songs as much as I hate lists.

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Frank Zappa, and The Rutles, Leo Masliah, Bersuit Vergarabat, the Nos Quartet, the Mozinos Escozíos, Krahe and Sabina, all serve me; I discover myself before the ingenuity adopts the form that it adopts. But here it is about Cuba, where the tradition offers us from the guaracha to those songs (des) toned in chorus in the buses to the School to the field, and also to the involuntary comedians: they will not deny that many ballads by Alfredito Rodríguez ... order, let's leave it there. 

Every list is cheating, all are manipulated or are ground for favoritism, and this will not be less: there are a lot of friends among my chosen ones. And that? In my view, what matters is the brilliance and humorous effectiveness, and that is undeniable in every piece that I include.

Enjoy them, or something is wrong with you.

  1. With the knife in his hand (Alfredo Carol)
  2. The cannibal child (Virulo)
  3. Carajo, Miguel (Frank Delgado)
  4. How I like spanish speaking (Pedro Luis Ferrer)
  5. The cockroach (Roly Berrío)
  6. The witch hunters of Dores (Silvio Rodríguez)
  7. It has to be from tó (Tony Ávila)
  8. The corrido of the worm (Ray Fernández)
  9. The butcher (Ramón David)
  10. The threat of NASA (Oscar Sánchez)
  11. Night watchman (Frank Delgado)
  12. Artificial insemination (Pedro Luis Ferrer)
  13. Matamoros does not turn back (Frank Delgado)
  14. Thank God you were born in the West (Virulo)


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  1. Rolando Muñoz says:

    And the Guayabero? ... I think it was missing ..

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