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Playlist: Back to school

September again. You close your eyes in June and when you open them people are going crazy buying backpacks, shoes, uniforms - the uniforms! -, covering notebooks and preparing snack handbags, now called lunchboxes. September is, for some, torture, and for others, relief from having children all day at home playing / messing up / asking for something to eat / inviting friends and little friends ...

For any of those two groups, Magazine AM:PM Suggests music, as always. Putting together this playlist We have rediscovered that a lot of artists have dedicated songs to the topic of education. Many of them songs to teachers and professors. Many are of love, others of criticism -Another brick in the Wall, which could not be missing here for anything in the world—, but all are inscribed on the theme of "school", as a great symbol of education.

Give Play then to this list, to enter with desire and make it much easier to return from vacation.

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