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Playlists Detalle de la portada del playlist Afrosekuela, de Guámpara Music. Ilustración: Dj Jigüe / Guámpara Music. Detalle de la portada del playlist Afrosekuela, de Guámpara Music. Ilustración: Dj Jigüe / Guámpara Music.

Playlist: Afro gets in by Guámpara Music

El taller «Críticas contemporáneas al racismo y la discriminación racial», tendrá lugar los días cuatro y cinco de diciembre en la Casa de África, gestado de manera colaborativa entre el proyecto Lo llevamos rizo y Negra Cubana Tenía Que Ser. The idea of the workshop is to convene a series of representatives of projects and initiatives that currently exist on the Island and that Sandra AbdAllah-Alvarez Ramírez —Negra Cubana— has been highlighting for a few months through her Facebook page. The workshop's main objective is to create a network/observatory against racism through which participating projects can establish connections and stay updated on issues related to racially, not only in Cuba but internationally. In this space, there will also be the Afro Rizos Identity and Beauty Expo in the Air, in which more than ten projects and ventures all related to the presence of Afro culture in Cuba will participate. It will be a space of connection, promotion, alliances, and celebration.

Among the invited projects is Guámpara Music; From the beginning, his manager Ained Cala had the great idea of proposing the creation of a playlist from Guampara on the subject of the workshop, curated by her, with the anti-racial theme and composed of issues launched by the label related to that theme. This is how the playlist, entitled Afrosekuela By Guámpara, came up, playlist que lleva por título Afrosekuela By Guámpara, cuyo nombre según  nos explica la curadora se refiere al juego de palabras que alude a las secuelas de la cultura africana a la misma vez que a la idea de que lo «Afro se kuela». Los tracks on the list take a tour of current urban music, with exponents of various genres and styles such as Hip Hop, electronic music, alternative music, R&B, and Afrobeat. To this, we add that everyone has a common point: the defense of Afro-Cuban identity from different perspectives.

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