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October Overview: Uruguay

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By Kristel Latecki / PiiiLA

Despite continuing with limited capacity and strict protocols for public shows in Uruguay, this October a festival held in Punta del Este failed to comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health and revealed differences and injustices when it comes to treating people. Uruguayan culture. America Rockstars took place within the framework of the America Business Forum event, and included shows al aire de María Becerra, Mau y Ricky, Pekeño 77 and more. With vaccinated public, but without social distance or face masks.

The repercussions were not long in coming. The group of producers and managers Uruguay is Music made strong claims to ministries and the Presidency, asking for the opening for all and the elimination of capacity. However, the protocols have not yet been relaxed nor has it been announced that there will be fines for the production of the festival.

In the meantime, the agendas are still full and shows they continue to be carried out with the current limitations. And as for the launches, some of the highlights of the month were the following.

George Drexler and C. Tangana they had already offered us a great collaboration for the album The Madrilenian, and now they're upping the ante again with another excellent track. Touch you actually precedes nominated, and according to a statement, it was created together with Víctor Martínez and Pablo Drexler in the midst of the pandemic, "at a time when habitual interactions such as hugging or kissing suddenly became risky actions," says Tangana. “Pucho and I half wrote the lyrics, but the musical rudder of that ship of four was carried by him with that unabashed brilliance, that frenzy and that generosity that he has when he works,” adds Drexler.

The acoustic and percussive pulse of Touch you reminiscent of the creations of ice lifeguard (2017), however, is taken here more towards the world of urban music and sounds recharged by the electricity of contact.

You can now blindly trust that Wolf Girl will offer funny and witty videos. But still, with Within —the first preview of their next album—, managed to surprise. Invoking the “spirit of Twitter” with a Ouija board with fatal results, the quintet accompanies a song that shows its most post-punk and garage profile, where Cami Bustillo's guitar and Juli Guerriero's impeccable drums shine especially.

The English-Uruguayan band the bitches who has been delighting with his instrumental psychedelic cumbia, has just presented the single opening of what will be his first album produced by Alex Kapranos: Let The Festivities Begin! As they had already anticipated in CADENCIA, the PiiiLA podcast, the quartet has been inspired by Turkish music and The Panthers you can glimpse part of everything that is coming. Its hilarious video features the gang in 60s spy mode, searching for the titular Panther.

Two admirable voices came together to create a groovy and charming song. Camilla Sapin and Alfonsina took their friendship to music and with one with you they surround with an R&B aesthetic with the bass as a guide and a chorus that leaves the listener hanging on each verse. Accompany a beautiful video directed by Federico Molinari and inspired by the film Person by Ingmar Bergmann.

To the rhythm of a rhythmic and almost cumbiero bolero, Mocchi offers a new song with the musician and producer Tato Cabrera. In Uranus creates verses that resonate especially in these moments, since they become an outstretched hand to break with the distance. “I give you this song so that you feel that I am close / I would have preferred never to move away”, he sings as ending a hug.

From the interior department of Tacuarembó, Federico Cáceres has been producing music under the name Even if it's a Soviet whisper, with a mixture of post punk, sad surf and centennial sensibility that places it in a strange place, timeless and contemporary. After a great second LP, he will return next year with a new album and his first single is Indie is Murder, a depressive anthem that is impossible to separate from the pandemic reality: “We have been separated from ourselves / Dancing does not feel good anymore,” he sings.

In 2018 the musician and producer Pair edited Hyper, a work where he combined his futuristic aesthetics and his dark electronic climates with diverse voices and compositions of female artists. It was a dystopia by way of Montevideo. Now come back with Already, another song that continues along the path of collaborations. The single which will be part of cycles, her next album to be released in December, features the voice and lyrics of Camila Rodríguez from Niña Lobo, adding to the subtlety and ethereal atmosphere of the track.

Experimenting inside and outside the confines of hip hop and R&B, musician and producer guitarbaby offered a new EP BOAT Unlike the introspective debut internetdrama (2019), in this work she is shown strengthened and in the foreground, showing off behind the controls and even letting other voices take on greater prominence. Alfonsina, Nomusa, Berna, OLHOSDAGUA and NÜRY appear there, contributing their verses and even tracks: closes the EP a new version of Expect Luv originally created for the Nomusa album FATUM (2020). 

After several advances that marked a sound path of introspection and dark luminosity, El Color Ausente He finally released his self-titled debut album. With the artistic production of Santiago Marrero, the quintet led by the voice of Liz Bohlmann builds suggestive atmospheres and ethereal journeys. Between post punk songs that invite a soft dance they also offer a little acoustic anthem for introverts. 

After releasing an EP last year with Pau, the singer and songwriter Mínima returns with a second LP that brings together many of the songs that have impressed and enchanted from the stage in the last year, accompanied by her new band. Empress It is a necessary rock and sharp album, loaded with symbolism (like the song that gives this work its name, and which narrates a tarot reading), modern romances, punk moments and even cumbieros.

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