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November Overview: Spain

The Panorama Lighthouse is a section that is responsible for highlighting the most important releases in Ibero-America and is published simultaneously in all the media that make up the alliance, thus multiplying its reach and visibility. Every delivery updates us on the struggles in each of our countries, currently going through the reality of COVID-19, and on the news of their musical ecosystems. As we always say, there is much to discover out there. If you want to know what the region sounds like today, this is the place and the time.

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By Sound World and Construction Area


With a Christmas atmosphere in the streets, we face the final stretch of 2021. With the pandemic that refuses to disappear and with the government about to approve budgets and modify two vital laws ―that of the labor market and that of citizen security, both approved during the previous right-wing government―, we continue to enjoy the songs and albums that strive to arrive before the end of the year. Without forgetting, yes, the sad news of the death of Almudena Grandes, the writer of the forgotten and the losers.


With Let's go crazy, published in 2019, Abraham Boba and his crew set the bar high. But for what they show with deliver me from evil -first preview of what will be It was, their new album to be published on January 21 of next year―, it seems that they had not reached the ceiling. For something León Benavente is one of the groups with more projection (local and international) of the current Spanish scene. It exudes category and attitude. And that is not abundant. About the idea of the song, Abraham tells us: “it revolves around the fact that sometimes we cannot control changes and that it is always convenient to have someone to keep you away from danger. I made a first version using just a piano and a TR-08 drum machine.”

Dorian return after their collaboration with Pimp Flaco with Two lifes, the first preview of their sixth LP Ritual to be published in spring 2022. Produced together with Álex Ferrer (The Groove Sound), the song predicts a project that will combine the usual sound of the group with new nuances. The album presentation tour will take them to venues throughout Spain and also to other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru or the United States.

From the kingdom of freedom (aka Madrid) and overflowing with attitude, Los Nastys arrive with their new single Your freedom is not my freedom. A necessary song for crazy times in which it is necessary to stand out from the pack. When "freedom" becomes a word constantly repeated by caricatured characters on the right, a song is appreciated that saying something as simple and forceful as "Your freedom is not my freedom" helps to put things in their place. "Libertad, how many canes and how many wars in its name!" Says the press release of the brand new single. And what if it's true...

Just when he had managed to establish himself as one of the most successful producers in the country, Alizzz decided to venture to become the protagonist of his own songs. Now expand your horizons with there has to be something else, his debut solo album. Loaded with collaborations as stellar as they are disparate, the project is inspired by "the escape, the ephemeral love, the instantaneous, the infinite search, the raw, the broken and everything beautiful in between".

As an attempt to escape the tyranny of current forms of distribution, Rufus T. Firefly decided to share the songs of their new project first live, then on vinyl and finally on digital. With the arrival of the long morning, their seventh album, to the platforms of streaming, the band has also announced a national presentation tour with dates in more than twenty cities.

After releasing the album lebron (Latin Grammy nominee in 2018), lead the most successful tour of his career in 2019 and publish Bunker, his autobiographical book, in 2020, Toteking returns with The Kingtape, a collection of hits with which the MC claims the throne of national hip hop. 18 songs, half unreleased, which have a large list of producers, collaborations with greats on the national scene and new names in Spanish rap.

With more than 70 concerts and showcases with many of the most prominent emerging names on the Spanish scene and various parallel activities, the 13th version of the Alhambra Monkey Week, a special and long-awaited edition in which live music was once again enjoyed standing up and dancing!
For the opening there was a wonderful tribute to the album Mediterranean, Joan Manuel Serrat's masterpiece, with the participation of Anni B Sweet, Carlangas, Dani Llamas, Luis Regidor, Maria Rodés, Miguelito García (Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba), Raúl Rodríguez and Rebe.

In addition, the Monkey received Latin American artists such as Emilia and Pablo, Paz Court and Radio Huachaca, from Chile; Jose Guapacha, from Venezuela; Ha$lopablito, from Colombia and Valeria Jasso, from Mexico, without overlooking La Chica, of Franco-Venezuelan origin.

After debuting at the 60th Semaine de la Critique de Cannes in July and opening the 66th Seminici de Valladolid in October, it is finally coming to theaters Freedom, Clara Roquet's first feature film as a director. The film, Produced by Lastor Media and Avalon PC in co-production with Belgian company Bulletproof Cupid, it addresses class differences from a female perspective based on the relationships of three mothers and three daughters, two of them the same person.

Between the 12th and the 19th, the 49th edition of the indispensable Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival with more than one hundred films in its different categories. With the Colón de Oro, the co-production between Mexico and the United States was raised the other Tom, directed by Rodrigo Plá and Laura Santullo, while the Silver Colon for Best Director went to Uruguayans Martín Barrenechea and Nicolás Branca for 9. For its part, the Argentine Bandit, by Luciano Juncos won the Special Jury Prize and the Chilean The patient, by Constanza Fernández did the same with the Audience Award.

On the 27th, the great Almudena Grandes left us at 71 years old, leaving a huge void in Hispanic letters and an infinite sadness among her many followers and readers. A large part of her work was devoted to reviewing the recent history of Spain, always giving great importance to the invisible, to anonymous women and to just causes that are often forgotten. Rest in peace Almudena. We will not forget you.



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