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November Outlook: Mexico

The Panorama Lighthouse is a section that is responsible for highlighting the most important releases in Ibero-America and is published simultaneously in all the media that make up the alliance, thus multiplying its reach and visibility. Every delivery updates us on the struggles in each of our countries, currently going through the reality of COVID-19, and on the news of their musical ecosystems. As we always say, there is much to discover out there. If you want to know what the region sounds like today, this is the place and the time.

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By Anali Rodriguez Indie Rocks!

November turned out to be a watershed in many ways. Everything seemed to indicate that it was the most anticipated month of the year to give rise to everything that was once part of our routine. Life on the streets feels the same as it did before the pandemic. Most people go to school and work, and industries almost fully resume their activities. The eleventh month of this 2021 was full of activity and if there is something to be highlighted, it is the reactivation of massive events. The festivals returned throughout the Mexican Republic. It all started on the first weekend of this month, Hipnosis and Skatex met again with their most loyal audience; this is how Pal' Norte and Corona Capital continued. It seems that everything begins to flow "naturally". While many are preparing to receive the holiday season, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador mentions that he has everything ready to celebrate his third year of government in style. Is there something to celebrate? We'll see what this December 1 holds for us.


In this pre-closing of the year, the fresh proposal from León, Guanajuato: Disco Bahía, begs you to forget about the strong cold that falls on the country and shake them dancing to the rhythm of Bay, the first single from Music for Adults, his next EP. The subject wrapped between notes of synth and bedroom pop has the collaboration of Coco Santos (Clubz) and Noah Pino Palo. Transport yourself to the sea and feel the breeze running through your face.

Inspired by nature and the search for introspection comes The soul, new single by Valeria Jasso that maintains its sweet pop essence steeped in folklore. "It's a song for all of us who are still looking to leave our insecurities behind and flourish," the artist explained.

URRS Bajo el Árbol portrays its new facet in a complex and much more dramatic concept that is synchronized to the beat of a powerful saxophone and a seductive guitar solo. IGNIS is their new single through which the band tells us about heartbreak and melancholy. This is definitely a great anthem for broken hearts.

Falling in love has its charm and many know that, however in a relationship not everything is rosy and that reminds us of the musician from Michoacán, Axel Catalán, in his most recent release Vida, a song with folk-rock overtones also arrives in the company of a music video directed by Tamara Yazbek in which all these situations that you can go through with your partner are interpreted.

Leaning on this occasion for a more house, GirlUltra presents drug love, a song that bluntly expresses the idea of not being made for love. "Singing to love, and to the need that one has to fall in love, celebrating the idea of not being made for love, the disaster that this causes and therefore the resignation to the drug that love can be," he explains. Cole Santiago illustrates what an attempted wedding would look like in the accompanying video.

The project made up of Mariela Millán and Alejandro Pérez offers us tunes full of melancholy and darkness in Desert. This theme relates how painful it can be to part with someone you loved very much. The release comes with footage made by Gabriel Vico, who reinterprets what would be the metaphor of loneliness. Listen to the new Dream to Mars.

Between fast and noisy guitars comes Crazy waters, the new single of Great Movies in collaboration with Sensational Belafonte. The song has its moments and ends with an experimental jam that will blow your ears; a great closing to talk about being fed up, the central theme of this piece. Under the direction of Julio Horta, a film arrives that serves as a contrast and in which we also understand that everything is lightened with a little fun.

Under his now traditional style of melancholy rock, Porter transmits the love for our lands through little ranch, a song full of feeling and attachment to the place that saw us grow up. In addition, it is accompanied by footage shot in black and white by Fabían de la Fuente that reinforces its message: attachment to our roots.

It is likely that as a child you have watched the clouds countless times, however, how many times have you done it as an adult? Sometimes those small actions take on a different meaning over the years and Cops and Thieves explains it to us in the video clip he prepared for Clouds, one of the songs from his latest LP. Enjoy this animation by Karina Cervantes.

Palmera Beach has been in the music industry for a short time, but in this short time the band has remained constant. His interest in continuing to express his experiences through sounds resulted in Good Moments, his first record production that, between guitars and eighties effects, manages to bring together the memories of his childhood, his anecdotes of love and the influences that have inspired him to make music. .

Following the release of Lost in Elastic Time, Leslie García, better known in the music industry as Microhm, undertook the production of another EP. It is about Space Time Foam, a compilation that explores the narrative about quantum physics, time travel and black holes; all set to music under the fine lines of the new wave and environment that allow the listener to take a trip from the 80s to the 2000s.

One is always looking for oneself through different ways and Zemmoa, for example, reminds us in each production that she is through music. It is In what you make me feel, his new material, where between beats constants and vintage sequences reminds us that we always have to face what comes.

Before the end of the year, the singer-songwriter from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Daniel, surprised with the version deluxe from his most recent studio album scent of nostalgia, which integrates five new songs and three special duets. The surprising thing about this version is how it manages to give continuity to that longing through long melodies that exceed 10 minutes; a melancholic album that will heal any pain.


December. What's Coming:

Also on the beach of Acapulco, the traditional alternative festival will be held on December 3, 4 and 5, Tropic. In its 2021 edition, it is back – after confinement – with a great lineup made up of Mi Banda El Mexicano, Caribou, L'Impératrice, Kerala Dust, Ed Maverick, WhoMadeWho and many more. All this in the paradisiacal facilities of the Hotel Pierre Mundo Imperial.

The researcher, journalist and historian, Julián Woodside has dedicated his life to the analysis of the impact of music and the arts in the formation of cultural identities. On this occasion he presents, together with Flor Aurora Méndez Linares, Miriam Rosas Báez, María Clara Lozada Ocampo, Maby Muñoz Hénonin, Marusia Pola Mayorga and Tomás Frère, Sound Hear and Power, a book that examines the involvement of sound and what it has built over time. The book was presented together with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and is available for public consultation.


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