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November Overview: Argentina

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By Juampa Barbero /indie today

November passed quickly, but it left a dazzling trail full of premieres that justified our inadvertence. With the approach of summer, full capacity was established for recitals, cinemas, theaters and museums, giving us the possibility of attending cultural events without health restrictions. Here are some of the most notable releases that made this period of time a special and rewarding month.

Wos published the desired dark ecstasy. Produced by Facu Yalve, these thirteen songs reflect the rapper's temperamental ambivalence, interspersing sharp denunciations, deep meditations and polarized feelings, without losing the volcanic impetus that makes him unique. Released by Doguito Records, Wos's second album includes the participation of Ricardo Mollo, Ca7riel and Nicki Nicole.


Saeta is a change of chip revealed Paco Amoroso in a conversation with Indie Hoy about his long-awaited debut solo album. Throughout ten songs, the musician covers various territories with fluidity and explores polarized sensations without losing the elegance that characterizes him. Paco had the luxury of inviting artists such as Adrián Dárgelos, Lara91k and El Doctor.

wrapped children He released his third studio album the useless word, with nine energetic songs. The opening the sleepers, which at the same time was the only preview of the repertoire, has the special participation of the Asturian singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas. with the successor of the new cream (2019), the band from Buenos Aires takes another step forward to continue rediscovering its unique psychedelic odyssey.

after the single Chanel Manconha, Ca7riel calmed down his fans with the release of his debut solo album: the disk. Produced side by side with producer Tomy Sainz, the artist from Buenos Aires offers a devastating repertoire since he started sampling The Beatles in Very well until culminating with the hit Dust.

Knowing Russia put an end to the wait for his third album by publishing The direction via PopArt Discs. Produced by Nico Cotton, the successor to Council and Oath (2019) evidences the musical and lyrical maturity of the singer-songwriter from Buenos Aires through nine seductive songs that confirm Mateo Sujatovich as the undisputed heir to Argentine rock of the nineties.

Once again Ysy A rocked the board of the urban scene with a new double album. real trap, the fourth album by the star of the bars, is made up of 22 energetic and revealing songs in which he completely bare his soul and at the same time ratifies his place as one of the pillars of the national circuit.


Mariana Päraway premiered a new single called How are things, first advance of the EP biology of love, which will be discovered over time. Produced by Lupe (Lucía Peuscovich), the track it distances itself from what the Mendoza edge usually evokes, provoking electrifying landscapes that suit it perfectly and, in turn, demonstrate the versatility of the project.

After joining forces with Axel Fiks, Angela Torres, Lara91k and Santiago Motorizado in not so good (2021), Malena Villa published a new EP that serves as a sequel stripped of collaborations entitled not so bad. These opposing works made up of five songs complement each other like yin yang and were also released alongside their respective short films.

Another that released a new album was Celli, with eight songs produced by Diego Mema. Atte. Celli finds the former Screensaver delving into love, loneliness, fear and fame from a jovial and intimate perspective that gradually reveals itself as a letter as its title anticipates. The Cordovan toned the countenance of the successor of Reset with a video directed by Rocío Gastaldi.

The seventh art also had its ceremony: for eleven days the Mar del Plata International Film Festival returned to its original format after the adversities that made attendance impossible the previous year. With an exhaustive program that included national and international productions, the audiovisual contest once again captivated its viewers with a special edition extended to virtuality. Our full coverage here.


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