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Panorama May: Spain

By Sound World and Construction Area

From the conviction that one can only be a transgressor if one acts from firm knowledge and the purest of respect, we can affirm emphatically that this Third heaven (Universal), by singer Rocío Márquez and electronic music producer Bronquio, is an album that transgresses flamenco to take it to another level. He has elevated it as only great works can do with an entire genre charged with a tradition that usually weighs more than a slab. The same tradition that has been shattered by blows of the hammer, represented by each of the electronic effects that the magician Bronquio has taken out of his sonic hat. But none of this would have been possible without the spirit of constant search that Rocío Márquez has shown in a career that likes to walk the wire of risk. His mastery and daring give Third heaven that solera that shields it from the criticism of the heterodox, the guardians of the essence who are lost in search of a pulpit before such a host. (Mr. Riot)


Guitarricadelafuente―The quarry : Guitarricadelafuente finally makes his full-length debut with an album produced by Raül Refree in which the artist experiments like never before. A hypnotic compendium of rumba marinated in jota, hazy electronics, sacred jasmine lament and avant-pop.

Amaia- When I don't know who I am: Amaia's new LP presents us with an artist whose maturity may have come before her time, but who reinforces the sensation of a figure with the need to transcend herself as a generational voice.

Cupid ―Love overdose: Pimp Flaco and Solo Astra, that is Cupid, give themselves some extra time with Love overdose (Primavera Labels/Universal), a definitively pop work in which the guitars sound fresh and the melodies catchy.

Gins― Alex Turner: That thing that they would sleep when they died was very serious. Madrid's Genevas press the accelerator in their new single and they sing the forty to the cretin types in Alex Turner.



With immersive experiences, installations and meetings and more than 65 national and international artists and groups, the Urban Festival of Digital Art was held in Madrid MMAD

Also in Madrid took place the first edition of podcast station, an Ibero-American festival of sound creation that offered various established proposals and other more emerging ones live for five days.

For two days, Barcelona became the meeting point for culture and critical thinking with the eighth edition of the fair Literal, a space dedicated to radical and political books.

With a critical program committed to reality and focused on the collective audiovisual experience, a new edition of the International Film Festival was held Documenta Madrid.

Álvaro Martínez Bueno is not only the singer of Templeton, but also an internationally renowned cartoonist. That is why it is not surprising that The Nice House On The Lake, along with screenwriter James Tynion IV, has been nominated for the Eisner Awards, the comic book Oscars, for Best New Series.



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