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June Overview: Uruguay

Kristel Latecki / Piiila

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) announced that June was the coldest month in Uruguay since 1981, with three waves of polar cold and record frost. However, that extraordinary cold was not felt in the music or on stage. It will be because of the pandemic, the economic effects of the region and/or the fervent desire to leave, but the cultural agenda is exploding from shows live national and international, and parties until dawn. 

We will undoubtedly have several more months of cold, but there will be no shortage of proposals to cross it, and even enjoy it.


María Viola made her composition known in the Maleza group and lent her talents as an instrumentalist to musicians such as Gonzalo Deniz, diego dam, Martin Buscaglia and Fabrizio Rossi. However, this month he presented his songs for the first time as a soloist with the album Den. Soundly and friendly close to projects like Mansalva and Power Animals, María's music is constructed (or paraphrasing Tangle, is darned or braided) fundamentally with acoustic elements and references to Uruguayan folklore and popular music. Over guitars and percussions that sound like open hands, a polished and brilliant voice appears, which only in brief significant moments decides to bristle or break, and that finds accompaniment in whispered echoes of choirs. In just six songs he welcomes and receives his captivating sound universe with open hands. Songs that in his words are “refuge, cry and territory, landscapes inside and outside the world”.



Paul Higgs- not even there: Someone dared to tell Paul Higgs to give up funk. And as an ironic response, the musician decided to make one of the best tracks what have you done so far: Nor there. This is the first cut of his second official LP that will bear the name of three dimensional and will be released by the labels Queruza from Argentina and Little Butterfly Records from Uruguay. "This is resistance music," says Paul. “The lyrics are based on their own experiences and digressions, but anyone could find what they want to reveal themselves to and also emit the cry of NOT THERE to the sound of the track"

Eli Almik – I'm Eli: The new track by Eli Almik It has her as the protagonist. Opening the book of its history and on a base created by the producer and DJ Tinnitus, in I'm Eli He tells us about his childhood and his achieved dreams. “My grandmother, the conga, the rebellion against my mother, growing up, dressing with what there is. Scratching a lot of the lice that kept coming back, wanting to be, wanting to belong. Connecting with that girl who plays and for a while is all she dreams of and sees on TV. There are dreams that are still intact, somehow”, says the artist. 

Tadu Vazquez and Facundo Balta – Always: After releasing an excellent album in January, multi-instrumentalist Facundo Balta returns with a new song with producer Tadu Vázquez. Romanticism and dance are well present in Always, a dembow subtle where not only Facundo's ductile voice shines, but also offers more rapped moments. According to the musician on Twitter, he composed the track one hour after receiving beat. 

Estela Magnone- Call: Finally, Stella Magnone is preparing for his new album ties, a work made up of versions of their own songs with guest artists, such as Cristina Fernández and Malena Muyala. The first preview is Call, a song co-created with Eduardo Mateo, and that brings to the present his extensive experience and his fine ear in choral arrangements. The voices that accompany her are Mateo Magnone, Mayra Hugo, her partner in the legendary trio Travesía, and her brother Daniel Magnone, who passed away last May.



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