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June Outlook: Spain

By Sound World and Construction Area

We have reached the halfway point of the year in Spain. As usual at this time, the heat raises the bar, reaching over 40º in many cities, the enormous number of festivals do not stop overlapping on a busy schedule and the rate of releases drops. Meanwhile, day-to-day life continues without much news: inflation, fuel, gas, Ukraine and Putin are recurring words that promise an uncertain autumn. For now let's enjoy the summer and the highlights of last month that we offer here. And you will see...

Natalia Lacunza- it has to be for me

After being one of the finalist artists of the Spanish edition of the OT program in 2018, Pamplona Natalia Lacunza started a solo career that has just borne its best fruits in it has to be for me. This is their first full-length after the EPs Other wings (2019) and EP2 (2020), in addition to the strongest work of his career. To achieve this, he has worked hand in hand with Pau Riutort (Beach Beach, Extraperlo), shaping a clear, crystalline, consistent and – only 23-year-old – mature pop album. An album in which he speaks to us in first person about the lessons he has learned from life, sharing those experiences in a pop song format. There are pieces like time ago, Many things or The circle to corroborate it and make clear to us the reasons why she has become one of the voices of her generation. (Joan S. Luna)


Half Point - I don't want to feel alone first came Olympic Love EP, now we have in hand I don't want to feel alone, a treatise on indie pop and psychedelia with high doses of its own personality that sees the light of the hand of Sonido Muchacho. As if that wasn't enough, they invite Bizarro Love Triangle and Fresquito and Mango to lend them a hand. 


Kase.O's indefinite retirement: Although he is still immersed in his current tour of Spain, the rapper from Zaragoza Kase.O He has shared with the world his decision to take an indefinite withdrawal from the stage. The reasons are clear and he has expressed it this way: "Although the energy you give me is super nice, I accuse a great physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. That is why I have decided that when this tour ends, I will retire from the stage for an indefinite time. I need it".


PabloPablo- PabloPablo: 2022 promises to be an excellent year for PabloPablo ⸻alter ego of Pablo Drexler⸻, who has just published his debut album in which we will find songs as addictive as Sapphire Blue or Mandela Place. It is not surprising that artists like C. Tangana himself have relied on him. 


Dream: Once again, the Dream It has surprised locals and strangers. Despite the fact that every day there are more festivals held in the summer season, the Barcelonan Dream ⸻dedicated body and soul to electronics, new trends and experimentation⸻ has managed to beat his record in recent years starring in the second most massive edition in its history.


Spring Sound: We had been waiting two years for the celebration of what has turned out to be the Spring Sound longest of his career to date. Almost two weeks of concerts with dazzling headliners and a massive attendance of the public dedicated to the cause. In addition to spreading its tentacles throughout various parts of Latin America and the United States, next year it will also reach Madrid.  



With the presence of 22 writers from 11 countries, from June 16 to 19, Casa Amèrica Catalunya and the Gabriel García Márquez Library held the first edition of KMAmerica, the new festival of Latin American literature in Barcelona. Among others, Cristina Rivera Garza (Mexico), Marta Aponte Alsina (Puerto Rico), Selva Almada (Argentina), Gustavo Faverón Patriau (Peru), Mónica Ojeda (Ecuador), Martín Caparrós (Argentina) and Vanessa Londoño participated.

Jonás Trueba returned to Spanish theaters with a new proposal, you have to come see it, an express invitation to go to movie theaters. Itsaso Arana, Vito Sanz, Francesco Carril and Irene Escolar star in this film-reunion produced again by Los Ilusos Films. In Trueba's words: “Going to the movies has become a small act of resistance, a poetic gesture, a leap of faith. We have made this film based on that conviction, with speed and determination, starting from our own crisis of unreality, but with the joy of meeting again and being able to continue making films together”.



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