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June Overview: Peru

By Luis Merino / Rock Achorao'

It seems that the national holidays in Peru were brought forward. And it is that June, being the month of pride, encompasses a series of feelings that makes us feel happy for the great moment that the independent scene is going through, increasingly diverse, respectful, conscious and empowered. 

many came out singles, records, concerts, reunions of foreign bands in the capital and other parts of the country that made us forget for a moment the bad political, economic and social times that we are still going through. Let's forget about the bad time by sharing a piece of what has been exported musically, to the delight of the Latin brotherhood of Faro.

Silveria- future: The debut album that converges two interesting musical tastes on the part of Noelia Cabrera and Natalia Vajda, talented artists who devised Silveria and future, as a tribute to the golden 80s and all their musical experience in an interesting production.

In future, Cabrera and Vajda explore in depth various behaviors of human beings and their relationship with the environment, with various feelings, well grouped in five recommended songs, including the remix of return.

Fernanda Perochena x Ruiz-González x Arba Spak – The rest: A good dose of experimental indie pop in this new song that brought together three notable talents from the local scene. The rest, has a very marked influence by the contemporary pop concept, thanks to the impeccable work of those involved in the piece. Slow, elegant, danceable and enjoyable every second.

Erni Lu x Harlot – To return: Another variant of urban pop produced between New York and London is brought by Erni Lu. The versatile and disciplined artist captures captivating rhythms between a light dembow and some Lo-Fi. Not to mention the successful complementation of the Philippine-Canadian production company Ramera. Fascinating and remarkable piece of the duo.

Saint Wood – I'm already nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday: The group from Chaclacayo, a beautiful and remote place in Lima, finally released their long-playing album which elevates the band's sound to its maximum expression. Topics like Yuck! or cross the track They are a clear demonstration of the thematic, musical and conceptual progress of Santa Madero in I'm already nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday.

Black Valencia – Gas and Lux: La Negra made her beautiful, as they say here, with Gas and Lux, a launch made from the most sincere and transparent corner of the singer, openly lesbian in the middle of pride month. Valencia does not leave behind its acoustic roots and everything it has learned in its musical journey. Go ahead Play and you will discover pure empathy with its explicit uncensored universe. Recommendable.


Central Peru Festival: Possibly the most anticipated for years. After the pandemic, it will be held in the historic city of Huancayo. From July 29 and 30, various national and international artists will parade, such as El Mató a un Policia Motorizado, Gativideo, Bandalos Chinos and more, promising to be an unmissable event, at the Mariscal Castilla Stadium. 



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